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OpenNebula Adds Support for VMware vCloud Express APIs

For the past two years, VMblog has been covering the dsa-research group's OpenNebula project, one of the first multi-vendor, open source virtualization datacenter and cloud management solutions to hit the scene.   OpenNebula is the result of many years of research and the interaction with some of the major players in the Cloud arena.  This technology has been designed to address the requirements of business use cases from leading companies in the context of flagship international projects in cloud computing.  

OpenNebula was first established as a research project back in 2005 by Ignacio M. Llorente and Rubén S. Montero, releasing the first version of the toolkit and continuing as an open source project in March 2008. Since that time, besides an exponential growth in its number of users, different projects, research groups and companies have built new virtualization and cloud components to complement and to enhance the functionality provided by this widely used open-source toolkit for cloud computing.

In December of 2009, OpenNebula version 1.4 was released.  In May of 2010, the OpenNebula Cloud Toolkit went commercial. 

Now, Ignacio Llorente has informed me that they have contributed a new Cloud Service to access OpenNebula clouds through the vCloud Express API.  The OpenNebula vCloud Service is a web service that enables you to launch and manage virtual machines in your OpenNebula installation through the vCloud Express API.  The vCloud web service is implemented upon the new OpenNebula Cloud API (OCA) layer that exposes the full capabilities of an OpenNebula private cloud; and Sinatra, a widely used light web framework.  The vCloud Express API in which this implementation is based, is the one specified by Terremark.  This API consists of a subset of standard vCloud API calls that have been customized for a Terremark installation as well as Terremark-specific API calls.  The new vCloud service has been tested to work with the vCloud drivers of libcloud and Red Hat deltacloud.

With this new cloud service, OpenNebula implements most common Cloud interfaces: Amazon EC2 Query, OGF OCCI and VMware vCloud. Besides theses interfaces, OpenNebula also brings libvirt and a powerful CLI, and all of them can be used on the same OpenNebula instance, so users can use their favorite interface. Moreover all those interfaces can be used on any of the virtualization technologies supported, Xen, KVM and VMware. These unique features confirm OpenNebula as the leading open-source technology for cloud computing, and demonstrate its adaptability and extensibility capabilities that many enterprise IT shops need for internal cloud adoption.

Published Wednesday, June 02, 2010 7:10 PM by David Marshall
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