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Radiant Logic Announces the Release of RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server Context Edition 5.3

With the latest release of its flagship product RadiantOne VDS (Virtual Directory Server) Context Edition 5.3, Radiant Logic is deepening the role of virtualization within the fields of security and data management. RadiantOne VDS Context Edition 5.3 delivers enhanced performance, guaranteed scalability and better reporting, as well as expanding its support for protocols, including XACML and SPML 2.0. These advancements reinforce Radiant Logic’s groundbreaking Identity and Context Virtualization Platform, providing a flexible virtualization solution that can scale to millions of users with guaranteed performance. VDS 5.3 is purpose-built for today’s global enterprises with distributed, heterogeneous data sources and high user and data volumes.

Such a platform is becoming increasingly vital as the identity management space shifts to meet new demands, such as federation, Identity as a Service, and the cloud. According to Bob Blakley, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner IT1 Identity and Privacy, virtualization of both identity and context will play a vital role in the new identity infrastructure.

As Blakley notes in his report, The Emerging Architecture of Identity Management, published April 16, 2010, “In the first phase, production of identities will be separated from consumption of identities through the introduction of a virtual directory interface. In the second phase, applications will externalize authorization to policy decision points…which can use contextual authorization to request attributes in real time.”

Security Focus: Support for XACML and Partnership with Axiomatics

As part of its new release, Radiant has strengthened its security offering, announcing a partnership with Axiomatics to provide a state-of-the-art solution for authorization based on the XACML standard. By externalizing context through virtualization of data and application silos, Radiant Logic enables Axiomatics to consume these contextual attributes inside XACML-based policies, providing a complete standards-based solution for customers.

“Relying on a virtual directory to aggregate attribute sources is extremely powerful and efficient for XACML policy servers. Beyond attributes, context information and context-enriched services are becoming increasingly important when integrating with sophisticated business applications,” said Gerry Gebel, President, Axiomatics Americas. “Radiant Logic is recognized as an innovator in the field of context representation and this partnership will enable us to address the demanding requirements of advanced application scenarios.”

“Axiomatics has one of the best XACML policy servers on the market, and this is a key enabler for the effective deployment of modern authorization,” said Michel Prompt, Founder and CEO, Radiant Logic. “This alliance allows us to externalize contextual information that is buried in different applications silos, package it with the right policy, and deliver the best of both XACML and virtualization to our customers.”

Data Management Focus: Enhanced Support for SQL

The new VDS 5.3 further extends RadiantOne beyond the security space, expanding its longstanding data management functionality with updates and improvements in its identity and context layer, as well as enhanced support for SQL. With more flexibility and scalability in its database views, VDS 5.3 now makes directory data more easily available for mission-critical services and applications that only consume SQL.

“More and more we are seeing the need for integrated identity from different data silos through virtualization. However, this need is not limited to security and LDAP protocols,” said Dieter Schuller, Vice President of Business Development, Radiant Logic. “Many of our customers would like to have full SQL capabilities to integrate their virtualization layer with the rest of the data management stack, which VDS 5.3 provides.”

Provisioning Focus: Support for SPML 2.0

New support for SPML 2.0 also allows Radiant Logic to extend its Identity and Context Virtualization Platform beyond LDAP and SQL clients. SPML clients can now issue provisioning requests directly to the VDS 5.3, which routes them to the appropriate sources. VDS 5.3 also simplifies existing architectures by abstracting and connecting to multiple provisioning end-points.

"The incorporation of SPML capability is excellent news for us," said Bob White, CEO, eB2Bcom, Radiant Logic's reseller in the Asia Pacific region. "We are working with large identity management prospects who are adopting a service oriented architecture model for which SPML functionality is important. We believe that this market is growing rapidly in our region and this adds to our offering with RadiantOne."

For SPML clients, Radiant Logic’s VDS 5.3 acts as a provisioning service provider that supports both DSML and XSD formats. This enables virtualized backend sources to become provisioning targets. VDS 5.3 can hook into existing provisioning solutions, such as SailPoint, providing the benefit of workflow and business logic with the added bonus of a one-stop connection to a virtual source.

Radiant Logic’s use of the SPML 2.0 standard helps make their VDS more lightweight to deploy. That allows our next-generation provisioning customers to benefit from flexible options to address provisioning’s ‘last mile,’” said Darran Rolls, Chief Technology Officer, SailPoint.

Published Tuesday, July 27, 2010 4:00 AM by David Marshall
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