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VirtualStorm 3.0 Continues to Break VDI Barriers

VirtualStorm adds support for VMWare's View 4/Thinapp and Microsoft's AppV, and continues to support Symantec SWV for application packaging.

"The VirtualStorm cloning process rocks! I have tested everything out there, and it is superior by orders of magnitude. What VirtualStorm does with memory management and IO is revolutionary. VirtualStorm actually makes Windows 7 behave," said Sr. Solutions Architect, Francis Czekalski, GreenPages.

VirtualStorm introduces Enhancements and New Features:

Embedded Cloning-

  • Reduction of image XP or Windows 7 images to 2.6kb, maximum image size of 3GB
  • Fully customizable Window 7 or XP
  • Rapid Provisioning: 100 images per server per minute. Example: 5,000 VMs provisioned in 2 minutes across 25 servers.

Improved Sysprep injection-

  • 60% less time than any other method available
  • Sysprep complete deployment- avoid GPO's, now completely customize every image and every setting inside the image before end-user logs on!

AD Browser Support

Disk IO driver- changes the game from IOPs to transfer rate. Reduce peak IOPs to 6/VM and average to 2.5

Management Console- deploys, patches and monitors all endpoints (Fat, Thin and Virtual)

VirtualStorm is a software agent that accelerates the acceptance of VDI by offering an ROI of under 6 months and cutting CAPEX to half of what a straight VMWare or Citrix solution would be. This agent offers a Memory enhancement stack, intelligent IO driver and a management console designed to provision thousands of VMs, concurrently and in a matter of minutes. VirtualStorm reduces the number of servers by three fold and the amount of storage by an average of 6X. End-user experience is excellent. VirtualStorm is designed to scale performance and cost predictably and linearly up to 100,000 concurrent users.

"Traditional VDI does not deliver simple and compelling cost savings incentives and does not always scale for large organizations who wish to centralize the management of their applications and endpoints.  VirtualStorm addresses the areas where best of breed technologies hit walls. We have brought VirtualStorm to market because it has proven to drive total costs (CAPEX, OPEX and TCO) down, while improving the end-user experience and simplifying the administrator's role," said Linda LaPorta, President, Superior Data Solutions Inc.; exclusive North American Supplier of VirtualStorm.

Published Thursday, August 19, 2010 4:30 PM by David Marshall
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