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AppSense Introduces User Rights Management to its Virtual User Infrastructure Technology
AppSense, the leading provider of user virtualization solutions, today announced the addition of user rights management capabilities to its user virtualization technology platform.  User rights management allows enterprises to further manage their desktop environments to increase security, limit the chance of desktop corruption, reduce desktop management costs and increase desktop stability.

Recent analyst reports place the cost of an unmanaged desktop at $5,867 annually while a well-managed desktop costs $3,413. Additionally, the IT labor cost for a standard user is 24 percent lower than that of an administrator - making the need for a locked-down, well-managed desktop more important than ever. User rights management simplifies and lowers the costs of managing desktops - whether physical, virtual or cloud-based - by extending the existing policy management capabilities already available in the AppSense platform and enabling the elevation or reduction of user rights on a user, application or business rule basis. This ensures that only specific users are able to have elevated rights for predetermined applications in controlled situations, and enables IT to effectively control the desktop while providing users the flexibility they need to configure and manage their desktop in a way that ensures maximum efficiency.

"User rights management is one of the reasons for why we selected AppSense as our primary user virtualization vendor, and why we integrated their technology into our packaged solution offered as part of the MTM Virtual Desktop Alliance," said Rich Brumpton, director, National Virtualization Practice at MTM Technologies. "This new feature will allow us to deliver a more secure, personalized physical or virtual desktop and allow customers to maximize their user productivity while lowering their TCO."

User rights management benefits users by:

  • Elevating user privileges for running applications – by specifying applications to run with administrative privileges. This enables the user to be removed from the local administrators group, thus removing the risk of all applications executing under the administrative user context.
  • Organizing user rights for running control panel applets – by allowing a standard user to make the required changes and complete their job tasks without running as a local administrator. This is extremely useful when users need to change printer, wireless network, time and date settings, etc.
  • Prioritizing user rights to restrict application rights – by enabling system administrators to set and enforce policy for specific applications so that the user runs as an administrator but other applications are forced to run as a standard user, ensuring security is not compromised.
  • Managing access to system settings – by permitting system administrators to prevent admin level users from changing configuration settings that can expose enterprises to new security concerns such as security or firewall settings.

"Our goal with offering user rights management is to allow our existing and future customers to balance user needs with IT costs," said Pete Rawlinson, vice president of marketing at AppSense. "For the past 10 years, our user virtualization solutions have been providing our customers with what they need to securely manage their applications.  Now they can extend these capabilities without affecting the satisfaction or productivity of the user."

Product Availability
User rights management is available now as part of AppSense Application Manager 8.1.  For more information, please contact

Published Monday, September 20, 2010 6:51 PM by David Marshall
Comments - Virtualization Technology News and Information for Everyone - (Author's Link) - September 21, 2010 7:43 AM

Can you explain what your company means when it talks about "user rights management" and what aspects of the desktop are included in that definition?

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