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New Technology from Scale Computing to Cut Storage Costs by up to 70 Percent

The cost of data storage for UK SMEs drops dramatically this week as Scale Computing makes its third-generation storage solutions available in the UK and Europe.

Scale’s first UK customer is the City of London, the local government services provider for London’s ‘Square Mile’. Scale, working with reseller partner Kisdata, is providing a 12 TB (usable storage space) StarterCluster to store City of London’s growing photographic library at the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA).

Jeff Ready, CEO and founder of Scale Computing comments “Scale Computing has been widely embraced by SMEs across the globe that are trying to grow storage capacity while cutting costs, increase scalability control and make storage more convenient to manage. Building on our success in the US and Japan, we are confident our storage solutions will be quickly adopted in the UK and European market as it faces many of the same challenges.”

Scale, developer and manufacturer of complete mid-market intelligent clustered storage solutions (ICS), is launching in Europe to tackle the rising SME storage demand across the region. The company’s flexible storage portfolio gives SMEs secure, easy-to-manage and affordable storage solutions, delivering a performance level which would previously have only been available to larger corporations with bigger IT budgets.

As opposed to scale up storage, Scale’s storage solutions are scale out – the third generation of storage, which enables organizations to buy storage as they need it, and add capacity as they grow. As noted by Gartner, “Scale-out and virtual storage area network architectures promise lower storage total cost of ownership by reducing acquisition costs and extending these systems' service lives via server virtualization technologies, self- or third-party maintenance and changes in asset management,” says Stanley Zaffos, vice president and research director, Gartner.*

Channel Commitment

Scale launches in the UK through a 100 percent channel model with a growing number of resellers including Fortuna Power Systems, complete data storage solutions, and Kisdata Ltd an information management solutions company.

Scale has no direct sales force and relies entirely on its channel partners for sales. This is in stark contrast to many other companies, which also have a direct sales model that is rife with channel conflict.

“I joined Scale to head up its EMEA operations because of its great technology and commitment to its channel partners,” says Bjarne Poulsen, general manager of EMEA for Scale Computing. “Too many other companies court channel partners only to steal their deals, which creates bad relationships. With Scale, it’s 100 percent through the channel so I can build upon my existing network of resellers by offering them a solid technology and vendor partnership.” Poulsen brings more than 20 years of technology sales experience to Scale.

Rich History

Launching in the US in 2007, Scale has quickly become a storage powerhouse by combining enterprise-level performance, ease-of-management and commodity hardware. The result is affordable, flexible and robust storage with a low total cost of ownership. Scale is launching in the UK and Europe with a globally tested product and business model, and established relationships with key related technology companies such as Citrix, IBM and VMware.

“SMEs are increasingly reliant on technology as a source of competitive advantage and there is a growing need for storage solutions that reduce costs, increase control and make managing storage more convenient to control the information flow,” continues Poulsen. “However, for too long the market leaders have charged inflated prices and expensive service options, so our market offering now reduces the entry point for companies who require high availability storage without the price tag. I am extremely excited to be bringing this proposition to Europe.”

Storage Products

Scale offers a wide-range of scale out (rather than scale up) storage solutions. Beginning with its “JBOD Killer,” (Just a Box of Disks) the 0.5TB N05 storage node and rising to 12TB performance clusters with high availability options, Scale’s storage products are all completely interchangeable and can be purchased as required to grow storage capacity and performance. Each node, regardless of its density has the same patent-pending Intelligent Clustered Storage™ (ICS) technology, making it possible for a company to stick with one system, for life.

Unified. A unique feature of Scale’s storage node products is that they are the only enterprise-class product in their price range to offer a unified, protocol agnostic block and file-level system. Scale accomplished this by creating its own Protocol Abstraction Layer (PAL) technology that makes it possible to add protocols to the cluster anytime in the future without changing the hardware.

Cost Savings. Ideal for first time SAN buyers and organizations looking to virtualize, Scale Computing’s N05 storage node starts at just £5,750 per a 3 node Starter Cluster. A cluster of 24 TBs of raw, unified storage is £16,098. This is around 50 to 70 percent less than controller-based solutions offered by other storage vendors. Additional cost savings are achieved when companies need to increase capacity. Because Scale’s storage nodes can be added when needed, companies no longer need to purchase capacity ahead of its utilization.

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