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Create a Stable, Fast Virtual Environment

Virtual machine technology brings unprecedented savings in resource use and hardware expenditures. The ability to launch multiple servers from one hardware platform means making much more out of far less—great news for any company’s bottom line.

The last thing an organization needs, however, is to go to the time and trouble to implement virtual technology and have it become sluggish and, worse, hang or crash unexpectedly. This is exactly what can happen if fragmentation is not addressed. Fragmentation in virtual environments also brings complexities that cannot be addressed by a simple defrag solution.

To address the fragmentation issue within virtual environments, a solution must be used that is specifically tailored to them. Many companies have discovered the invisible and robust solution that is V-locity® virtual platform disk optimizer, from Diskeeper Corporation. V-locity optimizes I/O performance across a virtual network, for VMware and Hyper-V environments.

“In our Hyper-V environment, we were starting to experience longer response times from our servers, mainly our file servers,” said António Soares of Fertagus - Travessia do Tejo, Transportes S.A. in Portugal. “With V-locity, we’ve noticed a large performance gain in our Hyper-V environment. We have also seen fewer crashes and better overall stability, even in low-space drive computers.”

V-locity optimizes the entire virtual platform with new technology that operates in the background with zero system resource conflicts. On Windows platforms, each V-locity component optimizes its respective OS, preventing most fragmentation from occurring. With the little that does occur, files are defragmented and free space is consolidated almost immediately. This minimizes unnecessary I/Os passed from the OS to the disk subsystem, and aligns data on the drives for previously unattainable levels of speed and reliability.

V-locity utilizes proprietary IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention technology to prevent up to 85 percent of fragmentation from ever happening at all. InvisiTasking technology makes it possible for I/Os to be effectively prioritized in applications and services within VMs, and guarantees completely invisible optimization of all Windows operating systems on supported virtualization platforms. It also eliminates the need for scheduling or monitoring defrag where it’s needed, even when VMs are dynamically added or removed.

“My Management says that a good IT area is the one they never hear about,” Soares said. “We try to be as invisible to users as possible, so your applications are meant for us. As for management, V-locity is easy to maintain and to support.”

V-locity is an essential component to any VMware or Hyper-V environment—for consistent stability and performance.

Published Thursday, December 09, 2010 12:31 PM by David Marshall
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