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VMblog's 2011 Executive Prediction Series: Where is Virtualization and the Cloud Headed? Find out

As we kick-off 2011, I wanted to make sure to thank each and every loyal member of  With the help of its readers and sponsors, this site has been able to remain a successful virtualization and cloud news site for the last 7 years, and it remains open and available to everyone. 

2010 was an amazing year for our shared technology and passion.  And 2011 is already shaping up to be an even more interesting year.  I think 2011 is going to be the year of virtualization consolidation, and the year the cloud finally starts to get more defined.  And this year, I also expect our little club of virtualization and cloud enthusiasts to explode!  So get ready for some new faces, both users and software and service providers. 

Strap yourselves in, raise and lock your seat trays, and please put your seats in the upright position.  Things are about to get interesting!

How interesting?  Where is the market and technology headed?  What's in store for server virtualization?  Desktop virtualization and VDI?  Application and endpoint virtualization?  Storage and file virtualization?  Public, private and hybrid cloud? 

Following on the last two successful VMblog prediction series -  "Prediction 2009: The Future of Virtualization" and "Prediction 2010: The Future of Virtualization and Cloud" -  We have once again asked these very same questions of virtualization and cloud computing executives from around the industry in hopes of getting a much clearer picture as to what we should expect in 2011. 

And here we are.  If you haven't kept up with the series throughout November and December of 2010, now is your chance to catch up and read what these experts are sharing and predicting.  Enjoy!


CohesiveFT: 2011 in Cloud Computing - The Empire Strikes Back!

Patrick Kerpan, chief technology officer (CTO)

Looking back on my 2010 predictions, I say I went 5 for 10, my colleagues insist it it is 7 for 10, you be the judge. ( Where I missed was actually believing that cloud-washing would start winding down (instead of ramping up)... Read More...


HyTrust: 2011 Predictions for the Cloud

Eric Chiu, president & CEO

Whether you want to call it virtualization or private cloud, enterprises are rapidly transforming their datacenters to take advantage of the ROI benefits that cloud computing brings. Already in 2010, we saw the number of virtual machines outnumber physical systems not running virtualization. Gartner... Read More...



NaviSite: 2011 Predictions - The Year of Cloud Adoption

Vishal Sharma, Senior Director of Cloud Computing

2010 was the year of cloud understanding and "testing the waters". Within the enterprise and 2011 will be the year of cloud adoption. The hype around cloud computing will calm down and real adoption will accelerate in 2011, as analyst firms like Gartner and IDC have predicted that in the next five ... Read More...



Virtensys: 2011 Prediction - The future of Server I/O and the Impact of I/O Virtualization

Bob Napaa, VP of Business Development

Server virtualization has been growing at a tremendous pace as more and more organizations are deploying this technology in their data centers. One of the primary reasons IT managers are using server virtualization is to increase the agility of their IT infrastructure and be able to rapidly and non-... Read More...



Parallels: Top Cloud Computing Trends to Watch in 2011

Josh Beil, Director of Market Strategy & Research

It is a generally accepted opinion that the Cloud opportunity is exploding, changing the landscape of information technology (IT). As we start to wind down 2010 and think about 2011, here are three critical Cloudy areas that are going to be worth watching, and I also include one dark horse predictio... Read More...



Nimbula: 2011 Prediction - Clearer Skies Ahead as Vendors Deliver on the Promise of Cloud Computing

Reza Malekzadeh, Vice President of Marketing

The word cloud was everywhere in the high tech industry in 2010. The incredible rise of Amazon's public cloud offering and their success stories drew record interest from customers and technology providers alike. We saw everyone in the latter group start to "cloudify" their marketing. If you did not... Read More...



Flexera Software: Top Licensing Predictions for 2011

Steve Schmidt, Vice President of Product Management

Virtual appliances will continue to grow in popularity as a delivery model... Read More...



Veeam Software: Virtualization in 2011

Ratmir Timashev, president and CEO

More and more companies will place critical apps on virtual servers, something they were previously hesitant to do. This includes databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server and email systems such as Microsoft Exchange.... Read More...



Quest Software: 2011 Virtualization and Cloud Predictions

Scott Herold, Director of Virtualization Strategy for Quest's Virtualization & Cloud Management Division

As I sat down to write this, I managed to surprise myself by realizing that I'm about to close out my 8th year in the virtualization space, and I can honestly say this past year has been one of the most remarkable in terms of the growth of virtualization. The market has matured so much already, and... Read More...



Trend Micro: 6 Things to Keep CIOs up at Night When They Think About Public Clouds in 2011

Dave Asprey, VP Cloud Security

In the age-old tradition of making predictions about the next year, here is my list of what CIOs will worry about in 2011 when they think about putting real enterprise applications on the cloud. I'm focusing on Infrastructure as a Service, although many of these predictions apply equally well to Sof... Read More...



Rackspace: Cloud 2011 - The Year of Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Toby Owen, Product Manager for Hybrid Hosting Solutions

2011 is the year when enterprises finally start truly adopting cloud. That's the big theme for 2011. Before we get to what that means and why, though, let's start off with a working definition of cloud, at least for the purposes of this piece. Cloud means any on-demand virtualization compute platfo... Read More...



Kaviza: 2011 - Predictions of what lies ahead in Desktop Virtualization

Krishna Subramanian, COO

The year 2011 is going to be very exciting for desktop virtualization. Why? Because several trends that have been building steam in the last couple of years are joining forces to create a big splash. While no one knows exactly what the future holds, here are my predictions, derived directly and in... Read More...



Vision Solutions: 2011 Predictions

Alan Arnold, CTO

When I think about the key challenges that face organisations that have deployed virtualisation going forward into 2011, there are three things that spring to mind.... Read More...



Aprius: Ushering in the Year of Solid-State Storage

Peter Kirkpatrick, founder and chief architect

December brings a whirlwind of nostalgia for the year gone by and a wide range of predictions for the 12 months ahead. For those of us in the virtualization market, this turn of the calendar symbolizes the end of a year of great advancement and effort. It also provides an opportunity to look ahead... Read More...



Wanova: 2011 Predicts Cloud-Based Desktop Management

Dr. Issy Ben-Shaul, CTO and Co-Founder

The largest cost component for managing desktops is operational, including staff to support image and application management, security, provisioning, backing up data, and server maintenance. 2010 was the year customers started to realize the benefits of centralized desktop management in order to... Read More...



ServiceMesh: 2011 Predictions - Outlook for Adoption of Cloud and Related Technologies

Mark Thiele, Vice-President Data Center Strategy

If you can move faster than your competitors, you can exploit transient market opportunities before they do. Countless companies are betting on cloud computing as a technology path that will help give them that coveted speed and agility. The coming year will no doubt be riddled with predictions of i... Read More...



RES Software: 2011 Predictions

Jeff Fisher, VP Business Development

2011 will be a big year for IT change and growth, especially as IT budgets are back on the rise - Gartner has even predicted that spending, specifically on IT, will increase by 60% (per employee). Here is a look at a few predictions on how the IT industry will change and grow over the next year:... Read More...



Quest Software: Desktop Virtualization in 2011

Jon Rolls, vice president of product management, Quest Desktop Virtualization Group

Wiping the dust off the crystal ball we keep locked away in a special, darkened room here at Quest and peering into the not-so-distant future that is 2011, what do we see for desktop virtualization? Well, a few things:... Read More...



Leostream: 2011 - The year ahead for virtual desktops

Eric Hanselman, CTO

The virtual and hosted desktop marketplace has come a long way in the last year and can do much more in the year ahead. Enthusiasm and interest has increased, major vendors are jumping in, but there's still some misalignment in expectations and the state of product offerings. The coming year shoul... Read More...



DynamicOps: 2011 Virtualization and Cloud Predictions

Leslie Muller, CTO and Founder

In the past few years we have had a unique position in the market that has allowed us to see different angles of the future datacenter. The march toward that vision continues and we all know adoption and the acceleration of cloud technologies will continue to grow exponentially. However, as clouds ... Read More...



SolarWinds: Public and Private Cloud - Why They are Different and Why it will Matter to you in 2011

Suku Krishnaraj, Senior Vice President

According to a recent survey of nearly 100 IT professionals conducted by SolarWinds, more than 60 percent of respondents have already invested in the cloud or are evaluating it for the future. The survey findings also highlighted that top concerns include security, application issues and lack of exp... Read More...



CloudSwitch: Cloud Predictions for 2011

John Considine, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Since 2007 I have been convinced that cloud computing has the potential to change the way enterprises think about their infrastructure and the services they deliver to their customers. I have had the good fortune to spend the last few years working with the great team here at CloudSwitch, the cloud ... Read More...



Citrix: Lesson from Wikileaks - Cloud is good.

Simon Crosby, Chief Technology Officer, Datacenter and Cloud Division

Wikileaks ought to have you sitting bolt upright in your black leather CIO chair. Independent of your views of the legitimacy or otherwise of Wikileaks, the last month has given us a shocking demonstration of the results of weak IT control over enterprise data and applications, and the incredible ... Read More...



Invincea: 2011 Top 10 Cyber Predictions

Anup Ghosh, chief scientist and founder

In 2011, we'll continue to see a rise in cyber-attacks through malware and other forms of malicious activity. We'll also see growth in organized crime as it leads a new round of attacks, ones that security vendors need to prepare for now. As we look ahead to 2011, we see the increasing importance of... Read More...



Qualys: Cloud Predictions - Security in the Cloud for 2011

Randy Barr, CSO

Enterprise computing is changing rapidly with advances in cloud computing. The benefits of computing on a shared utility model are beginning to make sense, and vendors are offering viable solutions that deliver real benefits. Despite an increased adoption rate, the cloud still presents a number of c... Read More...



Open Kernel Labs: Mobile/Wireless Virtualization Meets Enterprise IT - Predictions for 2011

Steve Subar, CEO and Founder

Even in the face of the ongoing global financial crisis, the mobile/wireless industry experienced huge growth and reinvention in 2010. Worldwide handset volumes soared to more than 1.3 billion units (ABI Research), with 20% of them smartphones (Gartner). Mobile applications and app stores dominated... Read More...



Wyse: 2011 Predictions - Computing Infrastructure Choice

Jeff McNaught, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

While it's certainly more dramatic to trumpet The Death of the PC, the reality is far more mundane. Consumers and businesses will continue to purchase PCs - lots of them. What the events of the past few years have set in motion, however, is the eventual marginalization of the personal computer as ... Read More...



Gluster: Prediction 2011 - The Future of Virtualization

Anand Babu (AB) Periasamy, CTO and co-founder

In 2011, the operating system (OS) as we currently know it will be categorized as a legacy system.... Read More...



Interxion: 2011 Predictions - More Clouds, More Colocation

Kevin Dean, CMO

With Gartner estimating the cloud services market to reach $150.1 billion by 2013, there's no question that the cloud is in everyone's forecast. But as the cloud computing industry continues to grow, so does the myth that it will close to eliminate the need for hardware. However, as the number of c... Read More...



Netuitive: Making the Case for Math in the Cloud... and breaking all the "rules"

Nicola Sanna, CEO

After security, "management" is the number one concern for CIOs seeking to achieve the true benefits of cloud computing. At issue is the conventional approach to systems management - manually setting rules and thresholds - that, in a virtualized environment, quickly becomes more unwieldy and comple... Read More...



Xangati: VDI Goes from Exploratory to Mandatory

Alan Robin, CEO

Up to now, VDI has been akin to a science project for IT. IT has been reviewing its purpose, formulating hypotheses about how it will work in their particular environment and considering the various variables. But the truth of the matter is there is one critical variable for VDI that supersedes all ... Read More...


--- 2011 - Saying Goodbye to the Cloud Hype

Mark Hinkle, VP of Community

After a year filled with cloud hype, 2011 will start to see a lot of cloud deployments beyond the web-centric application crowd. Cloud computing success stories like those of Twitter, Facebook and Zynga will become more commonplace among the large enterprise. Private, public and especially hybrid cl... Read More...



DataCore: 2011 Perspectives on the Shifting Economies of Storage Virtualization Software, Private Clouds and Virtual Desktops

George Teixeira, president and CEO

Prediction: Pent up demand, an ever-demanding competitive landscape, as well as lessons learned from the recession, will lead to a rapid standardization of dynamic, software-based virtual infrastructures, yielding new strategies for storage investments and open hardware choices.... Read More...



Catbird: Predictions for 2011 and Beyond

Michael Berman, CTO

Predicting the future is hard enough, but now that the Internet prevents us from forgetting anything, we live a world where today's past is even more immutable than the past Omar Khayyam wrote about all those centuries ago:... Read More...



Zeus Technology: Cloud Computing, Empowering DevOps

Owen Garrett, CIO

As we come into 2011, it's clear that virtualization and cloud computing have empowered IT development staff. However, where we will continue to see a shift is in the ability these technologies have given development teams to assume the roles and responsibilities of the operations side of business a... Read More...



Reflex Systems: 2011 - The Year of the Virtualization Administrator

Preston Futrell, President and CEO

Since the advent of virtualization, when virtual machines were initially relegated to testing and lab environments, the virtualization administrator largely played an understudy role. There he has hovered, waiting in the wings while the server, storage and networking teams took the lead when it came... Read More...



Liquidware Labs: 2011 - The Changing Face of "Desktops"

Jason Smith, VP of Marketing has been kind enough to invite me back to pontificate on predictions for 2011. Last year I predicted that desktop computing as a whole would become more heterogeneous. I don't mind saying that I was right....even beyond what I'd predicted. Now we have wide-spread adoption of iPads and ... Read More...



Hyper9: 2011 Predictions - From "VM Stall" to "VM All" and More

Bob Quillin, CMO

Looking back and looking forward from this point in 2010, I believe we are at a turning point for IT - one of those tipping points that leads to massive new efficiencies and innovation. The economy is slowly turning around - bit-by-bit - and there's a new positive energy and focus in IT that's palp... Read More...



Virtustream: 2011 Predictions

Sean Jennings, VP Solutions Architecture

Expect additional clarity on new buzz-words within cloud computing in 2011, as key terms used by various vendors today will be better defined to show the true enterprise benefits by cloud deployments already in practice.... Read More...



UC4: 2011 - Cloud Management Comes of Age

Fred Kohout, CMO

2011 will be the year automation, virtualization and cloud fully intersect. Here are three predictions that we'll see throughout 2011.... Read More...



Coyote Point Systems: 2011 - Virtualization Gets A Boost From Advanced Application Delivery Controllers

Jim Puchbauer, Director of Marketing

Virtualization has proven its value for dramatically enhancing datacenter consolidation and significantly increasing server utilization, and in 2011 next-generation Application Delivery Controllers will interoperate with virtualization tools to provide greater control and automatically deploy server... Read More...



AppSense: 2011 - Predictions for the Year Ahead?

Simon Rust, VP of Technology

2010 has been a year of observation for a number of enterprises that are eagerly waiting to witness successful deployments before beginning their own virtualization implementations at the desktop. Technologies such as Windows 7 and cloud computing have come to the forefront of the industry, contribu... Read More...



Symantec: End-of-Year 2010 Storage Trend Predictions

Virtualization has been one of the biggest shifts over the last year and will continue to influence IT in 2011. Companies everywhere are achieving the benefits of virtualization by reducing the number of servers in their environments. While virtualization decreases server costs, organizations are... Read More...



Pancetera: 2011 Virtualization Predictions

Henrik Rosendahl, CEO

Disaster recovery strategies are changing as result of the increased number of virtual servers. No longer is it only large enterprises that need to protect against disasters - small to midsize companies are looking for turn-key disaster recovery strategies and solutions as well. Traditionally corpor... Read More...



Akorri: Virtualization and Cloud Predictions for 2011 - One Man's View

Jim Comstock, VP of Marketing

I remember the energy at Comdex when it was in its heydays; this year VMworld 2010 felt much the same way: standing room only keynote sessions, lines to get into the sessions and lots of end-user excitement. VMware is changing how the Data Center is run, its vision is big, but they're in the best ... Read More...



Desktone: 2011 - Cloud Technology Innovations Take Root

Steve Baron, CTO

This past year saw a lot of excitement and hype around cloud computing. In 2011, we'll begin to see some real industry progress in key technology areas-while others continue to fight for their ground.... Read More...



Prowess: 2011 - Reaching for the Public Cloud, Not There Yet

Aaron Suzuki, Co-Founder and CEO

Desktop virtualization is complicated. And while VDI is off and running, there are many complicated scenarios that muddy what experts in my field think is going to emerge as the predominant, market-leading model. People who understand the technology generally think desktop virtualization is a good i... Read More...



AMD: Public, Private or Hybrid Clouds? It's in the Eye of the Beholder

Tim Mueting, Product Marketing Manager

One of the many things I love about my job here at AMD is that I get to meet and talk with a very diverse group of industry leaders who are tasked with analyzing, planning and implementing the latest and greatest in IT solutions and technologies. I've watched virtualization as both a technology and... Read More...



ThinPrint: Migrating Your IT to the Cloud - Don't Forget about Printing

Henning Volkmer, President and CEO

Today, the majority of IT is already in the cloud or on its way. The cloud is the ideal solution for companies to manage cloud-based desktops, storage solutions and more. However, there are less obvious cloud applications on the rise. Cloud printing is one term that leaves people asking, how can pr... Read More...



eG Innovations: Management Technologies will Play a Central Role in Fulfilling the Promise of Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies

Srinivas Ramanathan, Founder, President and CEO

Virtualization and cloud computing have garnered a lot of attention recently. While virtualization has been successfully used for server applications, its usage for desktops is still in its early stages. Cloud computing is being tested for different enterprise applications, but has yet to gain compl... Read More...



ScaleMP: 2011 - The convergence of clouds and virtual machines

Shai Fultheim, Founder and CEO

The convergence of clouds and virtual machines (VMs) will become an increasingly prevalent conversation in 2011 and we will see the concept of server aggregation marry cloud computing quite nicely. VMs running on partitioned servers are currently used in cloud and static environments. However, anoth... Read More...



Microsoft: From 2010 to 2011 - Walking the Cloud Talk

David Greschler, Director, Virtualization and Cloud Strategy, Server and Tools Business

2010 was the year of the cloud. We saw some massive changes across the industry as IT decision makers and technology vendors wrestled with the shift to cloud computing. In particular, the industry had to grapple with many differing - and often conflicting - definitions of cloud computing. Certainly ... Read More...



Netronome: 2011 Virtualization Predictions

Jim Finnegan, Senior VP, Silicon Engineering

The "science" of technology prognostication is actually quite predictable...there are a set of well established and proven projections for base technologies. One can reasonably assert that these projections are, in fact, both inevitable and inexorable.... Read More...



Virtual Bridges: 2011 Prediction - The Return of the Innovator

Jim Curtin, CEO

Ahh, predictions. The annual game of making educated guesses about the future. In 365 days, we can look back and I'll either sound incredibly brilliant, or... let's just say I hope I do better than the people who predict college football's BCS (note: I am in Austin, TX).... Read More...



MokaFive: Desktop Virtualization in 2011 - What's Next?

Purnima Padmanabhan, Vice President of Products and Marketing

By freeing the desktop from the device, desktop virtualization has the potential to significantly transform computing - both in the way it is consumed by the user, as well as how it is delivered by IT. The promise of this potential has caused a huge interest in the market, but various factors have ... Read More...



Correlsense: Improve Service in 2011 by Managing 'Virtually' Every Transaction

Byrne Chapman

In the coming year, IT organizations will continue to face the challenge of reducing spending while concurrently improving the availability, performance and functionality of business transactions. Companies continue to implement virtualization to meet changing business requirements while improving ... Read More...



Zenoss: 2011 Cloud Predictions

Bill Karpovich, CEO

Over the last 20 years, I have watched many new trends come onto the scene in IT and traverse their natural lifecycle along the S-shaped growth curve from "latest and greatest" to "old and tired".... Read More...



VKernel: Five Predictions for 2011

Bryan Semple, CMO

Reviewing many of the blog posts for 2010 provides some good fodder for predictions in 2011.... Read More...



Neverfail: Disaster Recovery Will Lead IaaS Adoption Drivers

Bob Roudebush, VP of Marketing

If you're a U.S. history buff reading this post, you've have probably heard of the Colt's Manufacturing Company. Formerly Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, CMC is a United States firearms manufacturer originally founded in 1836. Colt revolvers, some of the first truly modern designs of... Read More...



Coradiant: The Rise of Hybrid Clouds

Jonathan Ginter, Sr. Director of Engineering

The cloud is here to stay. However, there are wide disparities in the level of adoption of cloud technology and cloud-based services that tend to reflect individual corporate cultures. Organizations that are better prepared to accept risk have moved quickly, while risk-averse organizations have mov... Read More...



The Armada Group: 2011 - PaaS Gains Traction

Vasanthan Dasan, CTO and Executive Vice President of Engineering

For companies that have a large SOA implementation or an ecosystem of users, Platform as a Service (PaaS) will gain significant traction in 2011 as the most popular way to leverage cloud computing. Enterprises with large amounts of data and users will seek to consolidate using PaaS to increase thei... Read More...



Zetta: 2011 - Cloud Storage Adoption Driven By Solutions

Jeff Bell, Director of Corporate Marketing

2010 has brought some surprises in cloud storage adoption, and a recent survey we completed suggests trends for 2011. One strong indicator is a sharp uptick in the application specific use cases for cloud storage adoption as opposed to more general storage or "IaaS" use case.... Read More...



Virtual Instruments: 2011 Private Cloud Prediction

Skip Bacon, CTO

One of the key outcomes from the "Great Recession," which thankfully has come to a close, is the notion that IT resources and asset efficiency will be highly scrutinized. Wasteful IT spending simply won't be tolerated.... Read More...



Radware: From Physical to Virtual - Why Virtualizing the Application Delivery Control Layer is Critical

Eitan Bremler, Product Marketing Manager

Looking at the virtualization space today, it is evident that more and more companies are migrating towards higher ratios and levels of server virtualization. According to research published by Gartner on March 2010 - at the end of 2009, only 18% of enterprise data center workloads that could be vir... Read More...



Skytap: 2011 - The Year of the Usable Cloud

Sundar Raghavan, chief product and marketing officer

Google Trends shows a steady and growing interest in cloud computing. The slope of interest is still pointing upwards, boding well for 2011. Cloud computing will remain a key initiative for CIOs, IT architects, enterprise application developers and software publishers.... Read More...



FalconStor Software: Server Virtualization Trends for 2011

Fadi Albatal, Vice President of Marketing

Well, it's that time of the year again, when we all look back at the current year as if it were over and try to assess how we performed, while trying to make better predictions for the next year.... Read More...



rPath: 2011 IT Predictions: Toward the Dynamic Data Center

Jake Sorofman, chief marketing officer

What does the future hold? For IT, it's all about speed, flexibility and economy-and taking a page from the book of Amazon as inspiration for the IT delivery model of the future. In 2011, we'll see clear signs of this transformation underway with projects proliferating and changing dynamics in marke... Read More...



CA Technologies - 7-11: 7 Virtualization Predictions for 2011

Andi Mann, VP of Virtualization product marketing

Predicting the future is a mug's game. When I was an industry analyst, I tried to stay away from it as much as I could. However, now I am in product marketing, I must always be looking ahead, so I can work with the product managers and engineers at CA Technologies to deliver leading-edge products an... Read More...



CloudShare: 2011 - The Year the Application Drives Cloud Adoption

Ophir Kra-Oz, co-founder and VP, Products

Lured by the promise (but only partial realization) of attractive economics, enterprises have started moving IT-intensive business functions to the cloud. However, cost-savings alone are not encouraging IT directors and business leaders to stampede, en masse, to the cloud. One must wonder, in these ... Read More...



LinMin: Predictions for 2011 from LinMin

Laurent Gharda, CEO and Founder

We will start seeing "private cloud on a pallet" from system vendors that includes blade servers, networking gear and third party applications for Portal/service catalog, for orchestration, for provisioning/imaging (LinMin), for virtualization management (e.g. vCenter) and metering/billing.... Read More...



VMware: VMware Predictions for 2011 - What's Next?

Dr. Stephen Herrod, CTO

The end of a year is a good time to step back, assess what we've accomplished over the past year, and attempt to predict what can happen in the year ahead. And who doesn't enjoy putting these out in the public with all the fame, blame, and shame these predictions can lead to! Last year I started my ... Read More...



HubSpan: Cloud Computing and Business Integration Outlook for 2011

Margaret Dawson, Vice President of Product Management

Over the last year, companies have been increasingly collaborating and exchanging information with external partners and customers, making B2B integration all the more critical for everyday business success. The days of manual processes are long gone with the future focused on automation and scalabi... Read More...



Model Metrics: 2011 Cloud Computing Predictions from Model Metrics

John Barnes, CTO

In 2010, we have seen a transformation of skeptics from their belief that cloud computing is suited mainly for small to mid-sized business, to a general acceptance that "the cloud" is everywhere. However, we have also seen a lot of inconsistency in how to differentiate cloud-based computing from on-... Read More...



VM6 Software: 2011 - The Year of the Small and Medium Business

Eric Courville, COO and co-founder

The small and medium-sized business (SMB) sector has proven to be a viable market for virtualization vendors in 2010. The big players have focused much of their marketing activities around the SMB, hoping to gain a larger market share for their products. Much has been written about who leads the pac... Read More...



Vyatta: 2011 Prediction: Virtualization Takes Software-Based Networking Mainstream

Kelly Herrell, CEO

2011 is the year software-based networking goes mainstream. The technology driver is Virtualization, and the market driver is Cloud.... Read More...



And once again, I'd like to thank all of these companies and their executives for taking the time to share with us their vision and predictions of where this technology and where the market is headed throughout 2011.

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