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Open Hosting Launches New KVM Cloud Computing Platform

Open Hosting Inc. (OHI) is excited to launch its new KVM-based cloud hosting platform that significantly improves the features and functionality to our customers. The new OHI platform offers customers the ability to instantly create servers, resize capacity to meet IT demands and scale based upon their unique and specific project needs. In addition, OHI allows customers to run the software of their choice, including Microsoft Windows, and places no restrictions on the customers' required level of access. All customers receive full-control to install, scale and customize cloud servers that fit their specific needs.

OHI KVM Platform Highlights:

  • Easy-to-use web control panel & API; customers have full control
  • Advanced Linux KVM virtualization: any operating system & no special drivers needed
  • OHI Servers are persistent and behave like "real" physical servers
  • Automatic redundancy - multiple independent RAID arrays
  • Fully independent, scalable resources; independently specify CPU, RAM, Storage and Bandwidth
  • Automated 24/7 monitoring: alerts when intervention needed

"Our team has been studying the cloud hosting market for some time prior to acquiring Open Hosting and quickly realized that the hosting market was moving toward a much more flexible, on-demand model with utility pricing," says Dave Cummings, OHI CEO. "While OHI has been at the forefront of utility or on-demand pricing, this new, updated KVM-based platform provides customers with incredible flexibility and scalability, allowing them to take full-advantage of the best the cloud has to offer. OHI Cloud Hosting is now as easy and as close to running a physical server as can be."

KVM Cloud Platform Features
The Open Hosting KVM cloud platform incorporates a number of unique features that make it easy for customers to focus on their project/business hosting needs.

Cloud Servers That Behave like Real Servers
The OHI cloud is designed so that virtual servers behave like traditional physical servers. You can start, stop, resize and restart them on-demand. Additionally, users can mount and un-mount drives, in addition to customizing networking settings such as adding a static IP or VLAN.

OHI provides the same computing resources and networking services as traditional dedicated host, but in a flexible, instantly-scalable form, that just happens to have more efficient billing and usage models.

Persistent Servers and Storage
All OHI cloud servers are persistent. Once created, whether a server is started or stopped, it remains' in that user's account ready to use. Likewise, all storage is written to a user's virtual drives. Data written to virtual drives persists and is available in the future, whether or not that server drive is currently associated with is running or not.

Automatic Redundancy
In the unlikely event of a software or hardware failure that causes a host to stop working, the cloud server will automatically restart once that failure has been resolved. Most outage events, while rare, typically last just minutes. Automatic redundancy allows OHI cloud users to configure their virtual servers'software to continue working automatically after a server restart, ensuring easy management and higher levels of availability. Additionally, a user can manually reboot a virtual server instance at any time.

Full Control via API
OHI offers customers maximum flexibility and control. Our HTTP API allows users to create drives, upload and download drive images and create and control virtual servers on our infrastructure.

Innovative Web Console
In addition to our API, all account actions can be executed via our innovative web console. Whether you are new to cloud computing or an 'old' veteran, you will be able to access and control your OHI cloud server instances and drives on many levels, irrespective of technical ability and experience.

Fully-Independent Scalable Resources
The OHI Cloud allows you to specify independently exactly how much CPU, RAM, Storage and Bandwidth you require. Since we don't bundle resources together, a high-bandwidth user, for example, won't have to purchase bundled RAM which you don't need! With OHI, nothing is 'standard', you get what you need. No waste. No shortage.

Run Any Operating System and Software That You Like
There are no restrictions on the operating systems or software that you run on your OHI virtual cloud servers. As long as the operating system runs on standard Intel/AMD architecture, it will run on OHI's cloud platform. See the complete list of compatible operating systems.

Guaranteed CPU, RAM and Storage Allocation
OHI uses the next generation of virtualization/cloud technology allowing us to guarantee fully-reserved RAM and storage allocations without over-subscription. We also offer a minimum CPU availability proportional to reserved size. This means the total CPU available on a machine is shared pro-rata between virtual server instances, subject to a minimum allocation. At times when the CPU is not fully allocated, virtual server instances on our cloud will actually have MORE CPU allocated to them than the user is paying for. We don't see any reason to limit a user's CPU when there is unused CPU available. Additional CPU allocation is provided at no additional charge.

Collaborate and Share
The advent of cloud computing is allowing developers and organizations alike to find new, innovative and better ways of accomplishing old tasks. OHI's online community allows users the ability to communicate/share ideas and software tips from within our web console on a secure and opt-in basis.

One key benefit for OHI customers is the image library of different server drive images that can be instantly deployed to any user account. These images include, but are not limited to

- Debian 5.0
- Debian 4.0
- Ubuntu 9.04
- Ubuntu 8.10
- Windows Web Server 2008
- Windows Web Server 2008 R2
- Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
- Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition

100% SLA
Open Hosting has specifically built its platform, both hardware and software, as a reliable, high-availability service. This includes incorporating many layers of management and redundancy that ensure our cloud stays available to use for our customers. We are pleased to offer all Open Hosting customers a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Read our full comprehensive cloud SLA agreement.

For more information, please visit OHI's website at

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