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Radware Rolls Out Two New Key Components of its Virtual Application Delivery Infrastructure: Alteon VA and vDirect Plug-in

Radware, a leading provider of integrated application delivery solutions for business-smart networking, today announced the continued roll out of its Virtual Application Delivery Infrastructure (VADI) with the addition of two new components: Alteon VA, a SoftADC, and vDirect, a first-to-market application delivery controller (ADC) management orchestration plug-in both designed to be integrated in the VMware virtualized infrastructure.

Radware's VADI focuses on bringing full agility and efficiency of virtualization to application delivery solutions. It is an architecture which transforms computing resources, as well as application delivery and virtualization services into one integrated, agile and scalable Application Delivery Virtualization Infrastructure. Customers using VMware-based server virtualization will benefit from using Alteon VA and vDirect, experiencing maximum agility and IT efficiency.

Alteon VA: SoftADC solution

Radware's Alteon VA (Virtual Appliance) is Radware software ADC solution. Essentially, it is a virtual appliance ADC running on a VMware server virtualization infrastructure providing identical functionality to Alteon physical ADC devices: local and global server load balancing, Layer 7 capabilities and application acceleration. It is running the same ADC instance similar to the other VADI form factors - the dedicated ADC and the consolidated ADC-VX.

Radware's Alteon VA is designed to provide maximum ADC agility for cloud providers and hosting providers, carriers virtual data centers of large enterprises and SMBs using server virtualization and, while taking advantage of the virtual infrastructure dynamic of provisioning, decommissioning and business agility. Additionally, Alteon VA is offered with capacity licenses in line with Radware's OnDemand approach, thus, eliminating over-spending at the onset, allowing customers to pay only for the capacity they require as well as appropriate for testing and staging environments.

"We are pleased with the direction Radware is taking with ADC virtualization solutions for cloud providers," stated Mark Hadfield, CEO, nScaled. "We believe that Radware's Alteon VA is a good match for the nScaled cloud, as it allows us to provide our customers - principally law, professional and financial services - agile and flexible ADC virtualization services as well as full ADC capabilities on-demand, which enhances response time, improves resilience for applications and the overall quality of experience."

Radware is offering a one month free trial version of Alteon VA including all of the features and capabilities included in the full version. To download the trial version please visit:

vDirect: Orchestrator Plug-in

Radware's vDirect is a first-to-market ADC management orchestration plug-in, designed specifically for virtual data centers. It provides all of the building blocks and management interfaces required for the VMware Orchestration System to provision, decommission, configure and monitor Radware's VADI vADCs and computing resources (ADC-VX, Alteon VA and dedicated ADC) within a virtual data center.

Fully integrated with VMware vCenter and vCenter Orchestrator, it provides automation and management benefits for any customer using VMware virtualization infrastructure - from SMBs using basic automatic work flows such as on demand VM resources allocation through large enterprises implementing fully automated service provisioning from VMs and storage to ADCs.

vDirect provides business agility by ensuring that the application delivery layer is constantly aligned with the changes in the virtual infrastructure, whether it requires provisioning/decommissioning vADC instances as part of end-to-end service creation; or automatically adding/removing computing resources to hosted applications while aligning the vADC configuration with the changes.

When integrated with vDirect in the data center, Alteon VA unleashes the full agility of application delivery services and drives workflow automation and a greater level of efficiency in the virtualized data center. For example, it is the first solution which enables companies to completely automate all of their data center operations including the ADC and drive business agility while supporting the cloud model.

Published Monday, January 31, 2011 5:57 AM by David Marshall
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