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Resellers Herald DataCore Software's SANsymphony-V Solution for Making Storage Virtualization Practical for All

DataCore Software, the industry’s premier provider of storage virtualization software solutions, today announced that its resellers are championing the arrival of SANsymphony-V for growing their virtualization practices and for accelerating the move to a new era of virtualization – one which enables enterprises of all sizes to virtualize and optimize their infrastructure-wide storage environments.  DataCore SANsymphony-V is the industry’s only software-based solution that cost effectively solves the storage-related performance and availability problems currently plaguing enterprises engaged in server and desktop virtualization, cloud computing, business continuity, and disaster recovery initiatives.

“Where virtualization initiatives are stalling in companies today, the likely cause is the failure to anticipate the impact of inflexible storage,” says Jon Toigo, CEO of Toigo Partners International.  “Few firms can afford the unanticipated expense of the storage ‘rip and replace’ that they believe their server or desktop virtualization projects will require.  The good news is that an affordable solution is available in the form of storage virtualization, as demonstrated by industry leader DataCore Software.  Their flagship technology, SANsymphony-V, is just what the doctor ordered for simplifying capacity management, performance management and data protection management behind virtual server infrastructure.”  

Resellers Proclaim: DataCore’s Virtualization Software Makes it Profitable to Leverage Existing Virtualization Practices and Software Advantages to Capture a ‘Bigger Share’ of Storage Deals

Value-added resellers and virtualization solution providers who are now offering SANsymphony-V software are able to address all the dimensions of infrastructure virtualization by:  

  • Taking their virtualization practices beyond server and desktops to include the storage dimension;
  • Growing VMware, Microsoft and Citrix deals by leveraging their sales and services teams with a similar virtualization software approach delivering equally compelling benefits to storage;
  • Overcoming the major storage-related obstacles stalling virtual server and desktop deals; and
  • Empowering customers with the economic advantages of a software-based storage infrastructure.


To help new resellers get started on how they can accelerate their virtualization deals and extend their virtualization practices, visit:

Powerful Software: For Greater Productivity, Cost Saving Efficiency and a New Level of Management Automation - What IT Managers and Today’s Data Centers Desperately Need

“With DataCore SANsymphony-V, the user interface is significantly improved and things are more intuitive,” notes Andy Judge, founder and CEO, Grove Networks.  “Essentially what used to take three steps now takes one. It is far easier to use and far easier to manage.  Apart from the ease-of-use, of great interest to our customers will be the high-availability SANsymphony-V delivers as well as the ability to choose whatever type of hardware they would like to use in the back-end.  The fact that customers have the freedom to use whatever hardware is efficient for their company is a significant benefit – enabling them to avoid vendor lock-in.”

Flexible: The Software Advantage – Agile Software Infrastructure that adapts and endures beyond devices that ‘Come and Go’

“With SANsymphony-V, DataCore has built upon what they already offer – and have made it better – with the promise of even more on the horizon,” explains Partner and Chief Technical Architect Barry Martin of The Mirazon Group.  “What we and our customers most like about DataCore is that DataCore storage virtualization enables choice.  Storage is typically one of the most costly expenditures in any IT budget – so having choice at each storage decision just brings tremendous value to our customers.”

Consumable: Developed to Easily Solve the Most Important Virtualization Challenges of the Day

“I view the new SANsymphony-V product release as embodying major changes for the better in terms of DataCore’s storage virtualization solution,” states Lak Gill, managing partner and chief architect, Interware Systems.

Enterprises today are simultaneously experiencing massive growth in data volume, with a fundamental transformation in system dependency due to new initiatives in desktop and server virtualization and related trends such as cloud computing, business continuity and disaster recovery.  A traditional storage device that once supported a single application may now support multiple applications, which means any malfunction in that device could have a profound impact across multiple applications and, ultimately, the business. SANsymphony-V is the first software solution that enables enterprises to radically improve efficiency of their existing storage infrastructure, while also freeing them from vendor lock-in so they can avoid the need to ‘rip and replace’ systems to implement a successful virtualization project.

To view more SANsymphony-V reseller video testimonials – please visit:  “What Virtualization Resellers Are Saying About SANsymphony-V.” 

SANsymphony-V: Delivering Business Value

SANsymphony-V gives resellers and customers alike a unified solution that delivers on three key business requirements: cost savings, risk reduction and productivity improvement

  • Cost Savings – SANsymphony-V provides new ways to extend the storage budget. 
  • Risk Reduction – SANsymphony-V ensures high-availability and non-stop data access.
  • Improved Productivity – SANsymphony-V delivers greater staff productivity and simplified management. 

SANsymphony-V’s flexible, open software approach empowers customers to a new level of automation and simplified storage administration in order to provision, share, reconfigure, migrate, replicate, expand, and upgrade storage without slowdowns or downtime. 

To register and view the recorded DataCore Business Value Proposition webcast, please visit: “Overcome the ‘Big Problem’ Stalling Server and Desktop Virtualization Projects.”

Published Tuesday, March 15, 2011 6:41 PM by David Marshall
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