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GraphOn Corp. Unveils GO-Global Cloud

GraphOn Corporation, a leading worldwide developer of application virtualization and Web-enabling solutions, today announced GO-Global Cloud. Taking application virtualization to the next level, GO-Global Cloud is a heterogeneous software platform that makes it easy and cost-effective to create a large-scale, secure, private cloud environment that centralizes Windows, UNIX, and Linux software applications for cross-platform, remote access by authorized users running Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, or any Flash-enabled Web browsers.   

GO-Global Cloud is an advanced software platform that protects valuable applications, documents, and data in the customer’s secure data center, while allowing authorized users to intuitively access and share the applications and documents from just about any local, remote, or mobile device via simple hyperlinks. It gives IT management the flexibility to support the growing “bring your own device (BYOD)” trend, while providing administrators with the tools they need to efficiently control user rights and privileges.

“With today’s announcement, we’ve transitioned from host-client application delivery to a secure, private cloud platform for applications, documents, files, and more,” said Asaf Doron, GraphOn vice president of product marketing. “GO-Global Cloud is a cross-platform, feature-rich solution that offers load balancing, clustering, active directory support, centralized management tools, and much more, thereby allowing our customers to scale to larger and more flexible deployments using a single product.”

GO-Global Cloud also provides corporate Web developers with a Web application programming interface (API) that can be used to integrate Windows and Linux applications into Web-based enterprise and workflow applications.

“The GO-Global Web API opens most of our capabilities to the Web developer,” continued Doron. “We want our customers to use our technology and embed it into their systems. Web developers can now interact with remote applications and GO-Global Hosts, open and close sessions, and manage users from their existing Web applications. We enable much more than a side-by-side solution does. We’re offering true integration with Web applications.”

GO-Global Cloud, available for immediate delivery, consists of three components: GO-Global Host, GO-Global Cloud Server, and GO-Global Cloud Client.

  • GO-Global Host virtualizes and stores existing applications, allowing users to run them from a distance as through they were installed locally. GO-Global Windows Host 4, available since July 2010, virtualizes Windows applications. GO-Global UNIX Host 4, to be announced in the near future, will virtualize UNIX and Linux applications. (GO-Global for UNIX 2.2 is currently shipping as a standalone solution for UNIX/Linux application virtualization.)
  • GO-Global Cloud Server, available for immediate delivery, provides a high-availability, secure gateway to GO-Global Hosts. It provides administrators with controls to monitor and manage clusters of GO-Global Hosts supporting thousands of users. The controls and capabilities can be accessed through the GO-Global Cloud Server’s user interface, or alternatively through the GO-Global Web API for easy integration of applications and workflows.
  • GO-Global Cloud Client, available for immediate delivery, provides a refreshed, more intuitive user interface. Offered as a native client or a Web browser plug-in, GO-Global Cloud Client is used by local and remote users to access GO-Global Hosts, and by administrators to manage GO-Global Cloud Server. The Client runs on Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X computers, as well as portable devices. Alternatively, users and administrators can connect from any platform by simply using a Web browser that supports Adobe Flash 9 or later.

“GO-Global’s support of any Flash-enabled browser is a key benefit for our customers,” said Doron. “Without it, users often struggle to access applications because they don’t have rights to install a required plug-in, or firewalls and proxy servers prevent the connection. We’ve solved this problem by developing the technology needed to display and interact with applications via Flash. This means that as new mobile devices and tablets come to market, users and administrators will have increased flexibility to utilize these devices with GO-Global.”

Doron also hinted at forthcoming dedicated support for portable devices. “We’re developing new technologies for future releases that will support tablets and other mobile devices with optimized native clients and unique features,” he said.

GO-Global Cloud is yet another technological milestone for GraphOn. The company entered the market with a remote access solution for UNIX and Linux applications. Next, it expanded its cross-platform solutions with Web-enabling software for Windows applications.

“By unveiling GO-Global Cloud, we continue our tradition of advanced, yet easy-to-use, cross-platform connectivity solutions,” noted Doron. “For our customers, today’s announcement opens the door to new business opportunities, including private cloud hosting, software as a service, seamless integration with existing web applications, and more.”

GO-Global Cloud Benefits

  • Access from anywhere. Applications and documents can be accessed from any location, even across firewalls and proxy servers. Users can view, edit and share documents whether or not they have the corresponding application installed on their computer or mobile device.
  • Scalability and load balancing. GO-Global Cloud provides high-availability load balancing and centralized management of large GO-Global Host server farms.
  • Security. User connections are enabled via a multi-layered security system, including smart card authentication support. Applications and documents never leave the secure GO-Global Host.
  • Control. Administrators can set user and group permissions and publish different applications to different users.
  • Flexibility and customization. The GO-Global Web API allows developers to integrate hosted applications with workflow applications without the use of the GO-Global Cloud user interface. They can programmatically start sessions, authenticate users, create user-private workspaces, move files to and from a workspace, start and stop applications, and monitor server usage.
  • Private virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Users and administrator can see a full desktop view of the Host in a private session. Administrators can manage the Hosts using a desktop view. When using VMs, they can configure GO-Global Cloud as a simple VDI, application delivery, and document sharing solution — all in one product.

Free 30-Day Trial

Companies wishing to evaluate GO-Global Cloud can apply for a free, 30-day evaluation copy of the entire GO-Global Cloud suite at

Published Tuesday, March 29, 2011 5:32 PM by David Marshall
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