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VMware and Liquidware Labs Deliver Stateless Desktops with Integrated Disaster Recovery Options with VMware View and ProfileUnity
Liquidware Labs, the global leader in desktop transformation solutions, today announced a joint solution with VMware View that allows organizations of all sizes to deliver stateless VMware View sessions with a best practices disaster recovery design. Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity is at the heart of the solution, and has seen rapid adoption in the past two quarters as companies seek to overcome user-space virtualization challenges with budget friendly solutions, and create stateless desktops.

Delivering virtual desktops while lowering overall capital and operating costs has been a challenge in VDI deployments that lack a clear solution to ensure user personalization and user authored data are properly managed. Many organizations have found it necessary to rely on persistent desktops or a patchwork of persistent disk technologies in an attempt to mimic a personalized user environment. Due to added storage costs, licensing costs, and complex management, the costs of a persistent desktop can be much higher than the costs of a non-persistent, or stateless, desktop. ProfileUnity solves this dilemma at a very cost-effective price point by delivering a virtualized user environment and immediate access to user authored data at every login, even in a stateless VDI environment.

When deployed, ProfileUnity and stateless VMware View desktops also serve as a full desktop disaster recovery solution. Proper disaster recovery and pandemic strategies rank high on the CIO's 'to-do' list, as virtualization finds its way to the end user. Recovery times and recovery points have a direct impact on users' productivity, and elegant solutions are needed to ensure that interruptions at locations do not translate into interruptions of business.

"One of the most powerful aspects of virtualization – whether it is server, network, application, or desktop – is that companies can exploit the abstraction to their advantage and truly replicate production environments without duplicating cost," said Tyler J. Rohrer, founder, Liquidware Labs. "Rapid cloning and provisioning, coupled with the ability to layer in personalization, applications, and settings with ProfileUnity™, changes the game once again, this time in the ability to perform rapid, accurate disaster recovery for any virtualized desktop and user."

The joint disaster recovery solution, which also outlines the use of a stateless VDI environment, is documented in a free whitepaper. Companies of all sizes will learn how to leverage the power of VMware vSphere and View, coupled with Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity™, to design, test, and deploy truly resilient desktops capable of cost-efficient replication to disaster recovery sites, hosting providers, or cloud desktop providers. Recovery points and recovery times are optimized by replicating crucial user data, settings, OS images, and applications to alternative sites and then tactically bringing those users, applications, and machines back online according to corporate needs.

"End user desktops are critical to an organization. The work they do, the applications they use, the data they create and consume is by definition, mission critical," said Tommy Walker, VMware Global Desktop Architect. "Having no single point of failure, and following proven methodologies with trusted technologies is key to building out your View infrastructure. VMware View, together with ProfileUnity, offers customers a proven solution at a cost-effective price point."

For a limited time, Liquidware Labs is offering promotional pricing to any past or present VMware View customers seeking user space virtualization, administrator agility, and disaster preparation. Customers can qualify for volume discounts off list pricing of $24, and should contact for details on the promotion.

To learn more about disaster recovery solutions from Liquidware Labs, users may download a comprehensive whitepaper, free of charge here. Visit for additional resources, including trial software, a disaster recovery solution brief, documentation, and demonstrative videos.

Published Thursday, March 31, 2011 6:47 PM by David Marshall
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