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Adoption of Vyatta Network OS Accelerates in the Cloud
Vyatta, the leader in software-based networking for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, today announced that the company’s virtualized network operating system continues to gain significant traction among leading cloud providers. Vyatta Network OS virtual routing and security solutions are allowing a growing number of cloud providers – including L3 Networks and Cloud Central – to secure public multi-tenant and private n-tier cloud architectures on-demand.

“Vyatta provides CloudCentral with a comprehensive cloud network security solution and their licensing model provides the flexibility we need to build our business,” said Kristoffer Sheather, CEO of Cloud Central, “Partnering with Vyatta has enabled CloudCentral to offer complete virtualized network security to its customers under Vyatta’s pay-per-use VSPL billing model allowing our customers to reduce their capital expenditure on hardware networking.”

With a software-based alternative to proprietary solutions, Vyatta is delivering a complete network operating system to address the advanced networking and security challenges of private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Treating layer 3 networking as a platform-independent application enables Vyatta to deliver enterprise-grade connectivity and security solutions as cloud ready virtual machines, allowing customers to maintain corporate security and compliance no matter how complex the network design.

"With Vyatta, we can run dedicated firewalls mapped to virtual routing and forwarding instances within our hosted environment to provide each customer with their own private security instance, without the expense associated with traditional hardware platforms,” said Steve Griffin, Partner at L3 Networks. “Vyatta virtual appliances follow along with our ESX cluster failover model giving us total portability of our server and network environment."

Vyatta’s Network OS for cloud infrastructures offer:

  • Platform Independence: Vyatta Network OS for the cloud allows for a single virtualized routing and security package to be installed on common virtualization hypervisors and readily available x86-based hardware.
  • Elasticity / Scalability: Vyatta Network OS removes the limitations of box-bound network devices by offering the ability to scale performance, add users or add instances as in seconds and minutes, not hours, days or weeks.
  • Physical-to-Virtual Migration: Using the Vyatta Network OS enables simple, straightforward migration from physical networks to the virtual environment without network redesign or compromising existing security policies and compliance.
  • Auto Provisioning: Vyatta enables simple button-click deployment and auto-configuration of complete network connectivity and security.
  • Remote Management: Vyatta Network OS is easily integrated with any third party management, orchestration, or provisioning system to enable instant-on infrastructure deployment, license and billing management as well as monitoring and reporting.
  • Utility Licensing: Vyatta VSPL licensing offers pay-per-use billing options that map to common cloud computing consumption models.

Cloud provider customers can also leverage the Vyatta Service Provider Licensing Program (VSPL), which offers partners the ability to integrate Vyatta routing and security into customer-facing solutions. The VSPL presents cloud providers with a low-cost, monthly, subscription-based model for delivering Vyatta routing and network security functionality to their customers.

“Vyatta’s comprehensive software-based approach to network connectivity and security is driving adoption with cloud providers of all sizes. By offering a virtualized, cloud-ready alternative to traditional hardware-bound networking, Vyatta is quickly becoming the standard for virtualized networking and security in the cloud,” said Tom McCafferty, vice president of marketing at Vyatta. “We are thrilled to be able to provide the enabling technology for strong partners like Level3 and Cloud Central to build and deliver next generation IT architectures for their customers.”

Published Wednesday, April 06, 2011 7:22 PM by David Marshall
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