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Riverbed Optimizes Wide Area Network Performance for Microsoft RemoteFX to Enhance Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Experience

Riverbed Technology, the IT performance company, today announced that Riverbed® Steelhead® appliances have been optimized for Microsoft RemoteFX—a new set of graphic capabilities delivered in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Support for RemoteFX delivers the full benefits of an enhanced virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) user experience over a Wide Area Network (WAN). For customers with distributed infrastructures and mobile workers,Riverbed offers a solution for VDI environments that enables organizations to overcome WAN performance issues when they deploy VDI solutions over the WAN. The result is improved employee productivity.

Microsoft RemoteFX introduces a new set of end user experience enhancements to the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). These enhancements enable a rich, local-like desktop environment over the network. With RemoteFX, users can work remotely in a Windows Aero desktop environment, watch full-motion video, enjoy Silverlight animations, run 3D applications, and use USB peripherals, just as they do on a local desktop. RemoteFX virtualizes the GPU (graphics processing unit) and utilizes advanced codecs to enable an enhanced user experience for VDI; RemoteFX has been optimized for low-latency LAN environments. For customers that want to deliver a rich user experience over a WAN with limited bandwidth or high traffic, Riverbed Steelhead appliances optimize RDP traffic over the WAN; this helps ensure optimal performance for RemoteFX so that end users can realize the full benefits of enhanced desktop virtualization.

“As today’s enterprises demand a seamless, full-fidelity virtual desktop environment, Microsoft customers can use RemoteFX to deliver rich graphical experiences that match the experience on a local desktop,” said Manlio Vecchiet, Director of Product Management for Windows Server, Microsoft. “Riverbed optimizes network traffic over a WAN so that Microsoft customers can extend the benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure enhanced by RemoteFX to use cases beyond the traditional LAN environment.”

Riverbed Steelhead appliances are positioned to enhance network traffic over the WAN by using a combination of scalable data referencing (SDR), compression and TCP streamlining to allow the RDP protocol to fully utilize the available WAN bandwidth and significantly increase the amount of frames per second of a RemoteFX session. This results in a smoother, higher fidelity user experience.

“The promise of desktop virtualization is to provide users with seamless, anytime access to their applications and data while simplifying compliance and management through a centralized infrastructure. As data and applications move away from users, network bandwidth and latency significantly impact virtual desktop performance. Riverbed WAN optimization solutions improve desktop virtualization performance, helping organizations realize the business benefits of deploying virtual desktops over a distributed infrastructure,” said Venugopal Pai, vice president, global alliances at Riverbed.

More than 13,000 organizations worldwide, across a wide range of markets, depend on Riverbed to understand, optimize and consolidate their IT infrastructure. Riverbed delivers appliance-based and virtualized solutions that overcome performance issues caused by distance, distributed computing, and ever increasing amounts of data. Virtualization, consolidation and cloud computing promise huge cost savings and improved efficiencies, but as users move farther from their data, slow applications and file transfers can stall these strategic initiatives. Riverbed delivers to the remote office and mobile workers the same “local area network (LAN)-like” performance, no matter where the private data center or public cloud may be. Riverbed continues building on its success in the WAN optimization and network application performance visibility markets with new and innovative solutions for accelerating cloud storage and access to applications and data deployed in the public cloud.

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Published Tuesday, April 26, 2011 6:54 AM by David Marshall
AG4IT - (Author's Link) - April 28, 2011 9:51 AM

In addition to hardware solutions, there are also lower-cost software solutions for WAN optimization. Ericom Blaze is a software based RDP Accelerator which can work standalone and also in conjunction with WAN Accelerators and add a lot of value to the network.

Ericom Blaze has three main advantages over general purpose hardware-based WAN accelerators: performance, security and price.

Ericom Blaze provides better performance for RDP because it was custom designed for it - Blaze introspects the RDP protocol and applies dedicated optimizations. For example, Ericom Blaze identifies images transmitted inside RDP and applies dedicated image compression algorithms to them, and in addition applies bulk compression to the entire RDP data stream. General purpose WAN accelerators only apply generic optimizations such as bulk compression and caching.

Blaze takes care of the RDP choppiness while network appliances do not. If you display a movie frame with Blaze, it will display it as a single frame, providing native PC-like presentation, while network appliances will just compress the traffic and the Microsoft RDP client will still display a choppy frame (the frame will display in tiles).

Ericom Blaze provides better security for RDP than general purpose WAN accelerators because these hardware solutions require RDP’s own encryption to be disabled so that they can compress and cache it. As a result, the communication from the RDP host to the server-side hardware appliance, and from the client-side hardware appliance to the RDP client is not secure. Only the communication between server-side appliance and the client-side appliance is encrypted.

Ericom Blaze is installed directly on the RDP host and RDP client, and provides end-to-end encryption for complete security. Also, Ericom Blaze can work with both encrypted and unencrypted RDP.

Ericom Blaze is less expensive than hardware-based WAN accelerators because it is a software-only solution, and does not require specialized hardware.

To top it off, Ericom Blaze is very easy to deploy and install, and usually does not require any configuration. In most cases, Ericom Blaze can be downloaded, installed and ready for use within minutes.

Read more about Blaze and download a free evaluation at:


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