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Kubisys Announces Thin Capture Software Pre-Release Program

Kubisys today announced a software version of their proven Thin Capture solution which reduces time, cost and complexity in building testing environments. Previously only available as an appliance, the solution can now be deployed as a virtual appliance in a standard VMware ESX server. In addition, the virtual appliance is able to leverage the VMware hypervisor to host the test environments. Thin Capture removes the need to duplicate hardware and software for provisioning test beds.   

The software creates a complete clone of a production application environment within 15 minutes, preserving identical production networking, application stacks and entire datasets, in a fully automated manner. On-demand testing allows scrutiny of changes that can affect production before deployment, reducing downtime and saving the labor and technology costs prevalent in traditional testing workflows.

Thin Capture, in both appliance and software forms, creates a fast and agile testing environment that directly clones production systems. The new software version also includes support for deploying these clones directly into production, allowing enterprise IT teams to save time when implementing the changes that were tested within the captured environment.

Thin Capture mitigates the need for expensive SAN storage and replication in a testing environment. The software enables on-demand testing and alleviates pain points in technology deployment. It accelerates IT, boosts compliance and service levels, reduces cost, and prevents the costly down time and disruption that can come with testing.

“With Thin Capture, a test bed is created so quickly and non-disruptively that changes can truly be tested on-demand,” said Vasken H. Setrakian, CEO, Kubisys. “A typical clone can take hours or days to create with other solutions or in-house options, but with Thin Capture, this can be done in just 15 minutes.”

Thin Capture Details

Thin Capture software can create and host multiple isolated clones of complex Windows and Linux applications. Each cloned application is complete with production data, servers, and networking, and is fully functional in just 15 minutes. Thin Capture helps:

  • Leverage VMware ESX servers to deliver automated staging/testing cloud
  • Reduce VM Sprawl by automating deployment and teardown
  • Reduce the cost of owning and managing test servers
  • Reduce the risk inherent in introducing changes to production

Some of the specific features and capabilities are:

  • Support for Windows Servers and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5
  • Support for capturing physical servers as well as virtual
  • Support for clustered servers

Kubisys is offering to a limited number of qualified customers the software version of Thin Capture as part of a Pre-release Program. This program includes customer incentives and discounts. For more information, please contact VP Sales - Jeff Martinik,

Published Tuesday, May 03, 2011 6:38 PM by David Marshall
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