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Stromasys Offers Freedom of Choice with the Availability of DEC Alpha Virtualization on Linux

Stromasys S.A., the pioneering leader in legacy system virtualization, today announced the first production release and availability of the DEC Alpha virtualization product line (CHARON-AXP/4100/DS10/DS20/ES40/GS80/GS160/GS320) for Linux Red Hat Enterprise 6 (64 bit) and Fedora 14 (64 bit) hosting platforms. CHARON-AXP for Linux provides functionality and performance levels comparable to those of CHARON-AXP for Windows. Product details are readily available on the Stromasys website.

“Over the last five years, Stromasys has provided over 4000 virtual legacy systems licenses for Windows hosts to our customers”, said Robert Boers, CEO and Chairman of Stromasys. “VMS and Tru64 users have been able to move their applications to modern servers without any conversion or porting effort. With the availability of our Linux based virtualization engines, our customers now have the freedom to use the support operating system of their choice. The adaptability of Linux provides a tunable environment that is very helpful in virtual hardware design."

Successful porting of the production version of CHARON-AXP is a milestone for Stromasys, thus confirming the ability to support Stromasys products across most popular x86 software platforms. This highlights the strategic importance of Linux as it becomes the newest member of the CHARON family; by focusing on current trends we are happy to be able to provide our customers with their latest need thereby creating yet another Stromasys solution and confirming our cross-platform capabilities. Current versions of CHARON-AXP for both Windows and Linux are created from the same source; this demonstrates the efficiency and portability of Stromasys engineering competences in the cross-platform virtualization field and the ability for customers to keep their preferred platform.

Alongside the Windows version, CHARON-AXP on Linux can be installed on a VMware virtual machine. This gives us the possibility to transfer the virtual machines running on it to another VMware ESX server using vMotion.

Stromasys Non-commercial, Educational (NCE) freeware versions are available for Windows, Linux and VMware platforms with the intention of enabling Stromasys users to evaluate products prior to purchase. To obtain access to NCE freeware, visit

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Published Tuesday, May 24, 2011 8:41 PM by David Marshall
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