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New NetScaler Cloud Gateway Orchestrates Delivery of SaaS, Web and Windows Apps

Today at Citrix Synergy, where virtual computing takes center stage, Citrix announced NetScaler® Cloud Gateway, a new product that radically simplifies the delivery and management of apps and IT services. Today’s modern enterprise is aggressively adopting a new generation of cloud-based apps and SaaS services to achieve greater agility and improved economics. The hidden cost of migrating to these cloud services is an increasingly fragmented administration of applications, networks and security. The resulting number of application silos, identity management schemes, and access control processes increases cost and complexity. Cloud Gateway is a powerful solution that collapses and eliminates application silos, providing a unified entrance for seamless access and management of apps delivered from private or public clouds.

Cloud Gateway helps enterprise IT streamline traditional silo-based architectures in favor of a much simpler, service-oriented approach, designed to realize the “Power of One” - one place for users to get self-service access to any app, one login for any app or service, and one point of control for IT to enforce consistent policies for compliance, access control, auditing and quality of service (QoS). Cloud Gateway supports all leading browsers and all versions of Citrix Receiver™, a universal software client that provides users with easy, self-service access to all their apps from any PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone. Unlike other alternative offerings in this space, Cloud Gateway goes beyond SaaS and web apps to fully support seamless, secure access to any Windows app or desktop as well. Moreover, the Citrix Receiver client provides a rich, native device experience that goes beyond basic browser access with custom designed support for 1,000s of different devices, including innovative new products like the HP TouchPad, BlackBerry Playbook, and Google Chromebook.

What’s New

Cloud Gateway puts enterprise IT back in control of applications delivered from public and private clouds by providing:

  • Powerful user management to control the full application lifecycle, including provisioning and de-provisioning of all apps and services.
  • Comprehensive service level management that proactively monitors and manages the availability and app performance experience across all SaaS, web and Windows apps.
  • Broad license management capabilities providing valuable insight into license utilization across a full range of private and public cloud apps and services.
  • Single dashboard view of everything that matters across all SaaS, web and Windows apps.

From an end-user perspective, Cloud Gateway enables:

  • Full self-service support for all apps and devices through support for Citrix Receiver.
  • Single-sign on, enabling users to log in once to any app, and be automatically signed into any other app they choose.
  • Common identity and subscriber credentials to access any application, including hundreds of popular SaaS services.
  • View, request and launch any application from a self-service app store using any device with a high definition user experience.
  • Full application request workflow support.

Easy and Flexible Deployment Options

  • Cloud Gateway can be deployed as a software virtual appliance, a security hardened hardware appliance, or as a cloud-based service from one of the thousands of Citrix service provider partners.
  • Cloud Gateway can also be integrated with Citrix Receiver, the award-winning universal client for IT services.

Why it Matters

Cloud-delivered apps are becoming a mainstream part of the enterprise app portfolio. While each SaaS, web and cloud app provides its own native administration and delivery model, the process of provisioning, managing and securing these apps is highly fragmented and inconsistent. The modern IT organization needs the ability to break free from silo-based approaches to app delivery – as well as seamlessly weaving in Windows apps and desktops. Cloud Gateway overcomes this dilemma by providing a “front door” to the datacenter, giving IT a single point of control to connect and deliver any private or public cloud app to any device.


Drue Reeves, vice president and research director, Cloud Computing and Data Center Strategies, Gartner

“As enterprises rapidly embrace applications delivered from public cloud infrastructures, IT requires a simplified model to manage and monitor all applications and services, regardless of where they run. Subscribers of these services similarly want to remain indifferent to the origin of the application workload. They simply demand a consistent experience when accessing and consuming public and private cloud services.”

Guido Haarmans, Vice President of Developer Programs and Business Development, NetSuite

“The next wave of Citrix technology allows IT to manage user, identity, and application usage information across cloud and on-premise applications. This level of management integration to create a single point of control for applications is especially relevant for those NetSuite customers who deploy a two-tier model whereby they run subsidiaries on NetSuite cloud ERP and integrate them with headquarters on-premise legacy ERP systems.”

Aaron Levie, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Box

"Organizations are realizing tremendous benefits by implementing cloud-delivered applications, creating a workforce that is significantly more productive, agile and mobile. But, enterprises moving to the cloud are also facing entirely new IT challenges around managing these services securely and at scale. Citrix NetScaler Cloud Gateway will help organizations easily provision and manage cloud applications like Box, all while creating a more seamless experience for end users."

Filip Kesler, Vice President of Business Development, Egnyte

“The new Citrix NetScaler Cloud Gateway technology provides enterprise users with seamless access to on-premises and off-premises data using Egnyte’s hybrid cloud storage. The management of user identities, security policies and access control in this environment enhances visibility and control for IT managers. This integration will accelerate adoption of hybrid cloud by large businesses.”

Klaus Oestermann, Group Vice President and General Manager, Networking and Cloud Product Group

“NetScaler Cloud Gateway is a breakthrough solution for our enterprise customers. It provides the level of management, visibility and trust that enterprises have been missing as they rely increasingly on cloud-based services while also unifying the existing windows, web and desktop services into a single point of control for IT. Cloud Gateway puts IT back in the driver’s seat of their entire application portfolio via an unified application dashboard including SaaS services while delivering on a seamless user experience to drive customer delight.”

Pricing and availability

Cloud Gateway will be available in flexible, secure and compliant deployment options. Citrix customers will be able to purchase NetScaler Cloud Gateway as:

  • Standalone software for easy deployment
  • Hardened network-grade appliance for scalable deployment
  • Cloud-based service delivered via Citrix's 1000+ strong service provider partner program
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