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dynaTrace announces UEM3, the first in a new generation of User Experience Management systems

dynaTrace software, the new leader in application performance management (APM), announced a new generation of User Experience Management systems, providing business owners and IT operators unprecedented visibility into how their users experience their most important business applications from the Internet edge. To make this advance possible, dynaTrace has extended its patented PurePath technology to capture each user’s click – both pages and Web 2.0 page actions - regardless of device or geographic location. By tracing every transaction beginning with each user click, continuously 24x7, user experience dimensions such as application interactivity, availability, functional correctness, performance and service levels can be better understood. These insights allow application stakeholders across the lifecycle to improve business, service and code for optimal user experience. 

  • Business owners can now get a complete picture of the experience for each user, group of users or all users, as categorized by application, location, browser type, device type, transaction type or other unique business segmentation.
  • IT gains deep, fact-based insight into performance and usage patterns for greater optimization, and potential issues before they impact users.
  • Application architects and developers gain deep-dive insight into application use, transaction flows, and bottlenecks to help them focus on improving interactivity for increased competitive advantage.
  • “As businesses rely more heavily on customer, partner and productivity enhancing applications, application complexity is rising exponentially," said Bernd Harzog, Lead Analyst for the Virtualization Practice. “Clouds, Web 2.0, virtualization, tablets and a number of other modern application challenges limit the effectiveness of traditional approaches of user experience monitoring systems. And though synthetic monitoring systems provide some level of comfort that an application is working, they remain blind to the real user traffic that modern application owners care most about. dynaTrace's new UEM³ system is a leap forward being simultaneously browser aware, cloud capable and firewall secure.”

    With a focus on both business owner and IT operator, dynaTrace’s new production-ready UEM3 system has been designed to provide insight into user satisfaction, user behavior and rapid problem resolution. With zero-configuration, dynaTrace UEM3 is up and running in minutes, displaying all user activity on a global map – no agents to install, transparent to users and no application code changes.

    • Integrated Apdex scoring makes it easy to determine user satisfaction from any geo-location.
    • Zoom into any location to see number of users, device types, browser types and more.
    • Drill-down to determine which browser or device type is slowest and which users are experiencing the most pain due to which transactions, as well as to determine an individual’s click path.
    • Click paths include both pages and all Web 2.0 actions, eliminating growing blind spots characteristic of appliance-based solutions.
    • Instant impact analysis is available to ‘drill-up’ from any problematic user experience or transaction to determine who else is impacted; aiding in proactive troubleshooting and business impact prioritization.

    This easy, deep navigation of all user activity, across all edge devices, across all transactions and applications 24x7 enables unprecedented business insight and powerful proactive IT management.

    “We’ve been running dynaTrace’s new UEM3 system in volume production for a couple months now,” said Peter Starzacher, Director Technology Center at Tiscover, the leading travel portal for the Alpine region. “Optimal user experience is very important to us and we’ve been extremely pleased with the visibility and results we’ve achieved with the dynaTrace UEM3 system. We have been looking a long time for this type of real user monitoring, complete with Web 2.0 page action visibility. It’s really quite an amazing product.”

    Built on dynaTrace’s award-winning APM platform, UEM3 is both easy to use and easy to manage. UEM3 can be implemented in minutes with zero-configuration and advanced auto application-discovery. User experience dashboards, transaction flow maps, UML diagram and more come out-of-the-box, giving application stakeholders – business owners, IT operators, application architects and developers – immediate insight into user experience from their specific point of view. Wizard-driven, point-and-click interfaces make deeper configuration, such as conversion rates, application-specific business transactions and advanced SLA management possible. UEM3 also supports dynamic, market-relevant baselining via dynaTrace’s dedicated cloud service. Now, Web application owners and development teams can assure optimal performance, at all times, in comparison to their industry peers. Select the industry-relevant index from a drop-down pick-list and your dynamic Apdex index is instantly activated.

    Unlike all other attempts to integrate UEM with APM, UEM3 is built atop an extendable PurePath-enabled platform so there is no integration to do when combining it with dynaTrace Production Edition, the leading continuous APM solution for demanding production environments. The combined system provides even more unique power with complete, end-to-end, transaction-pure visibility from user-click to database and back – all applications, all transactions, all users, all the time, allowing for business analytics and rapid problem identification.

    “UEM3 is the first in a new generation of user experience management systems that tightly integrate UEM with APM together,” said Bernd Greifeneder, CTO and Founder of dynaTrace. “Now performance management begins with the user’s experience, not with data center availability, and can be both monitored and optimized without blind spots. Users will experience faster, more interactive applications, business owners will drive greater revenue and loyalty, and IT will provide better proactive service to their customers. I am very proud of hearing from early access customers that UEM³ solves multiple problems that multiple tools could not bring together, with a single all-in-one solution.”

    dynaTrace’s UEM3 will be generally available within 60 days. Beta customers are already using the product in production. Companies wishing to trial this new generation of user experience management, please email Prices start at $10,000 for 10,000,000 page actions per year.

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