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Entuity's Latest Updraft Release Adds Productivity, Automation and Virtualization Features to All-in-One Network Management Suite

Entuity today announced the general availability of a major new release of its award-winning solution, Eye of the Storm Enterprise 2011 Updraft (EYE 2011 Updraft). Unlike typical "service pack" releases, this new version -- EYE 2011 Updraft -- contains significant functional improvements, one of which enables network operations personnel to quickly map and visualize the physical-virtual boundary of their growing and increasingly complex virtualized environments.

This latest version integrates all the requisite, contemporary network management functionality -- from automated, continual discovery of inventory and topology, to event alerting and root cause analysis, to elemental and flow-based performance -- into a single tightly-integrated suite of functionality and reporting with limitless scalability.

Virtualization - EYE 2011 Updraft provides the ability to unify and visualize physical and virtual silos on a single screen. This new feature helps users understand how virtualized infrastructure components created under virtualization frameworks such as VMWare ESXi servers, Oracle VM servers or Microsoft Hyper-Vs are connected to their network. EYE collects an inventory of hypervisors and VMs using these platforms' native APIs and correlates it with inventory, topology and performance data already collected for physical networks. This provides a clear picture of how virtualized resources are distributed throughout the network, how their numbers evolve over time, and how they affect traffic and performance figures of physical network devices and links between them. EYE's highly acclaimed data visualization capabilities, maps and reports have been extended with this information and provide customers with a best-in-class visual representation of a combined physical and virtual data center infrastructure.

CIO Perspective - Also included in EYE 2011 Updraft is the CIO Perspective, a new addition to EYE's unique InSight Center. The CIO Perspective is a set of reporting capabilities that help high-level executives understand if network operations are providing the business with the required quality of service; if not, it authoritatively describes the extent of service degradations and outages. Highly interactive with actionable graphics and a variety of drill-down reports, the CIO Perspective helps IT and business executives quickly assess and improve service delivery to help avoid lapses or reductions in network availability and performance.

Integrated Flow Analyzer - EYE Integrated Flow Analyzer (IFA) technology for troubleshooting network problems that require a closer look at recent history, has been enhanced by increasing the number of days of data that can be collected to 31. Also included are printable and schedulable reports that make it easy to share the NetFlow data with management, peers, customers or any other interested parties.

Configuration Monitor - The integrated Configuration Monitor has been enhanced in EYE 2011 Updraft to include increased multi-vendor device support and includes management-level reports. Customers can now see all details of a network device on a single page, from inventory information through performance data, events to current and past configurations. No other product offers as complete a picture fully integrated with fault and performance information with such extensive visualization.

Report Builder and Custom Dashboards - Significant extensions have also been made to the already powerful reporting capabilities of EYE 2011 Updraft with new Custom Dashboards and a new Report Builder that allow casual users to save significant time and effort to produce meaningful reports without requiring in-depth knowledge of EYE operations. The Custom Dashboards feature lets users decide which data elements and objects in EYE are the most important to observe and then makes it easy for them to observe the information the way they want. It provides the ability to build a custom dashboard composed of a user-configurable number of cells with drag and drop interaction directly in the EYE UI. The new Report Builder has been designed specifically for the more casual user who benefits from information produced by EYE but who may not need the full power of EYE's extensive reporting capabilities. This new wizard-based feature produces reports based on Entuity supplied report templates. New templates can be added quickly and easily based on customer requests.

EYE 2011 Updraft will be available as of June 30th for Microsoft Windows Server, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Enterprise Linux on both physical and virtualized hardware. Other supported virtual environments include Oracle VM Server & VM Manager, VMWare ESX/ESXi & VCenter, and Microsoft Hyper-V

Supporting Quotes

Quote, attributed to Petr Dvorak, Product Manager, Entuity
"Entuity is committed to continuously deliver new functionality to manage continuously shifting and complex network technology. For EYE 2011 Updraft, we've added new features that will give our customers a sharper picture of their virtual environments while also enhancing existing analysis and reporting capabilities to help them save time and effort. The CIO Perspective addresses the need for network operations staff to demonstrate to senior management the value that they and the network provide to the business."

Quote, attributed to Jim Frey, Managing Research Director, Network Management, Enterprise Management Associates
"Entuity has long focused on delivering a comprehensive set of network management capabilities with their EYE solution. With the release of EYE 2011 Updraft, Entuity has continued raising the bar by adding more functionality for managing virtualized environments, multi-vendor support for configuration management, and significant new levels of flexibility for customizing dashboards and reports. Entuity's ability to deliver such breadth in a single system makes them a worthy alternative to traditional enterprise-class network management platforms."

Quote, attributed to Bojan Simic, President and Principal Analyst, TRAC Research
"With the release of EYE 2011 Updraft, Entuity continues to focus on those areas of network management that provide the most value to customers while helping them reduce the time and effort required to obtain actionable results. It is good to see that this release of EYE is focusing on two of the key pain points for network management that end-user organizations are reporting: managing virtualized environments and measuring the business impact of network performance."

Quote, attributed to Michael Jannery, president and CEO, Entuity
"A large percentage of our customers' revenue depends on the availability and performance of their networks. We are committed to be responsive to their needs and deliver new functionality to ensure the understanding and performance of this vital corporate resource. Where larger 'framework' vendors enhance their software once a year or less often, Entuity is agile to the point where we can provide significant, valuable new functionality as and when needed, including in 'service packs.' Entuity customers have come to expect and appreciate this responsiveness to an increasingly dynamic space, given virtualization, introductions of new gear and topologies, and more, and we intend to continue it."

Published Tuesday, June 21, 2011 6:05 PM by David Marshall
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