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FlashSoft Secures $3 Million in First Round of Funding to Deliver Flash Virtualization Software to Enterprise IT

FlashSoft Corporation, the Flash Virtualization Company, launched today with the announcement of its Series A funding of $3 million, led by Thomvest Ventures, and the introduction of the first commercial offering of software to enable enterprise flash as a cost-effective, server-tier computing resource. The company’s product, called FlashSoft SE, is commercially available today and is already being used in business-critical production environments by several customers. FlashSoft SE is available for free evaluation through a 30-day “Try Before You Buy” program:

Flash technology has gained traction in enterprise computing due to its ability to reduce input/output (IO) latency, and to increase scalability and performance for databases, enterprise applications and virtualization environments. The analyst firm Objective Analysis has forecast that shipments of enterprise SSDs will grow to 4 million units by 2015, more than 50 times the number shipped in 2010.

Despite the performance advantages of flash SSD, two barriers have inhibited its adoption in the enterprise. First, when used as primary data storage, flash memory cannot easily integrate with and leverage the benefits of existing storage systems infrastructure. Secondly, storing all of an application’s data on server-attached flash memory remains expensive. FlashSoft overcomes both of these objections.

FlashSoft SE is the first commercially available, all-software “tier minus one” solution for Flash Virtualization. Enterprise IT can now provide databases, applications and virtual machine environments with the performance benefit of having the entire data set on flash, with only a fraction of the data actually stored in flash. This innovation makes enterprise flash a cost-effective performance solution that works seamlessly with existing storage infrastructure. In fact, FlashSoft actually reduces the IO burden on storage, producing even greater cost savings. FlashSoft’s technology is designed to deliver flash-grade performance within a standalone server, across server clusters, and throughout the data center.

FlashSoft SE Technology Advantages

FlashSoft SE is a software solution that automatically identifies and caches the most frequently used data — hot data — on any SSD in the server. This capability, called Active Data Management, enables flash SSD to be applied to the computing operations in which it can provide the greatest benefit, eliminating IO latency that holds back application and virtualization scale and performance.

In a recent performance test, a standard OLTP test suite on MS-SQL Server ran 4X faster with a FlashSoft-enabled cache on enterprise flash drives than on the baseline HDD storage array. Details of the performance test and results can be found at

The FlashSoft solution offers technical advantages including:

  • Provides a persistent read-write cache in the compute tier
  • Compatible with any SSD: SATA, SAS or PCIe
  • Requires no modifications to data, applications or storage; the SSD-based cache is completely transparent to the server and storage infrastructure
  • Automatically tunes over 60 operational parameters to support specific SSD architectures and application types
  • Cluster-aware cache design supports shared-nothing and shared-storage environments, including virtual server environments
  • Minimal server overhead; optimized metadata management and cache design enable 100MB of server memory to manage 1TB of flash.

Additional technical product information may be found in the FlashSoft SE Technology Overview at

Pricing and Availability

FlashSoft SE for Windows Server is available for evaluation and purchase now. To learn more about the 30-day “Try Before You Buy” program, visit Pricing is based on the number of servers accelerated and types of SSDs employed. FlashSoft SE for Linux is currently in Beta testing. For more information, or to participate in the Linux Beta program, contact

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