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New Whitepaper: VM Memory (vRAM) Sizing Considerations

Challenges & considerations in determining how much memory to allocate to VMs

When sizing virtual machines a virtualization administrator must select the number of vCPUs, size of the virtual disk, number of vNICs, and the amount of memory. Out of all those potential variables, the amount of memory allocated to each virtual machine is often the most difficult to determine. This is because memory is the most dynamic and least predictable of those resources.  

Virtualization administrators should avoid over-allocating memory to their VMs because doing so can waste expensive server resources and will minimize ROI on that infrastructure. On the other hand, the business critical applications running on virtual machines also need to maintain high performance. The last thing a virtualization administrator wants is to have performance complaints from end users.

VM administrators face a difficultly in balancing the need to maximize ROI of the server hardware and the requirement for applications to perform optimally. Fortunately, with VMware's memory over commitment capabilities and the guidance from this whitepaper, virtualization administrators will gain a deeper understanding to make VM memory sizing more straightforward and less painful. By reading this whitepaper, VM administrators will learn: 

  1. How memory usage works at different levels of the virtualization "stack"
  2. The challenges in determining a VMs memory requirements
  3. How to screen for memory‐based VM performance issues before attempting to optimize an environment
  4. How to approach appropriate sizing of new VMs that need to be deployed
  5. How to institute a regular memory sizing process for the data center
  6. What VM performance metrics can provide insights on memory usage and how to access them

This paper was written by David Davis and Brad Bonn and is an extremely valuable and well written paper.  In all, the paper is 17 pages.

Download this new and useful whitepaper to help understand memory allocation and sizing considerations.

Published Wednesday, July 13, 2011 6:00 AM by David Marshall
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