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CumuLogic Introduces Java Platform-as-a-Service for Private Clouds

CumuLogic, a Java Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software provider, today announced the public beta version of their new PaaS solution which enables enterprises, cloud providers and ISVs to build and manage Java PaaS in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. CumuLogic provides enterprises with the means to control their IT/application infrastructure, while enabling developers the capability to focus on rapidly developing quality applications. The beta version can be downloaded at

"Today's clouds are complex and all different. There is almost no interoperability between cloud providers and between public and private clouds. I'm enthusiastic about CumuLogic's PaaS cloud management solution as it utilizes the higher levels of abstraction inherent in the PaaS model to reduce the complexity of cloud management, provides targeted facilities for both developers and management, and erases the distinctions between the various clouds enabling transparent interoperability," said James Gosling, Technical Advisory Board member at CumuLogic.

CumuLogic is focused on delivering a best-of-breed technology that provides users with the flexibility and features to accelerate application development, while also providing control to IT organizations to adhere to security and compliance requirements when using public clouds. James Gosling and Bill Vass, former CIO of Sun Microsystems and president of Sun Federal, lead CumuLogic's Technical Advisory Board.

"By enabling customers to leverage their existing investment in Java development, CumuLogic is in a unique position to help enterprises transition to the cloud with minimal risk and retooling," said Peder Ulander, VP of product marketing, Cloud Platforms Group, Citrix Systems. "Their commitment to flexibility and choice when it comes to infrastructure choices makes them a strong contender in the enterprise PaaS market, and the combination of the Citrix Open Cloud portfolio with CumuLogic’s PaaS solution will ensure customers have access to a next-generation cloud infrastructure platform."

CumuLogic provides a complete solution for public and private clouds running on Amazon EC2, (acquired by Citrix), Eucalyptus and VMware – with OpenStack coming soon. The product provides support for multiple clouds which allows clouds from multiple vendors to be supported at the same time. Also included is the ability to mix-and-match middleware software components which enable the deployment of modern applications, as well as consolidation of legacy Java applications to a single platform, substantially lowering the cost of managing various application infrastructure assets. CumuLogic PaaS enables enterprises to standardize and optimize application infrastructure, allowing for quick response to business needs while enabling developers to traverse seamlessly between development, testing, staging and production environments.

Key features include:

· Flexibility to deploy modern applications on the clouds of choice;

· Automation of a myriad of tasks that allow developers to focus on rapidly deploying quality application which translates into business agility;

· Developer and administration API enables developers to push applications to the cloud and to expect all the platform service to be available to run those applications; and,

· Cloud Services Catalog allows organizations to acquire new infrastructure software and updates delivered and registered to their repositories in private clouds eliminating the need to build their own service images which can be a time consuming task.


"As the private cloud becomes more widely adopted, we are seeing more of our customers look for ways to extend their cloud infrastructure and create platforms to develop and deploy a variety of applications," said Rich Wolski, founder and CTO, Eucalyptus. "We are excited about CumuLogic running on our infrastructure-as-a-service private cloud platform and see the PaaS market creating a number of new opportunities for us and our customers."

“CumuLogic is unique in that we are one of the first companies to emerge with a full Java PaaS for the federated cloud,” said Rajesh Ramchandani, VP of Products at CumuLogic. “Instead of rewriting applications to fit new platforms and essentially giving up standardized application components, we sought to create a product that would give users the flexibility to keep using those components, from application platforms to databases.”

Published Tuesday, August 02, 2011 5:46 AM by David Marshall
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CumuLogic just announced a new Java Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for private clouds. In the announcement, they said their new PaaS solution would enable enterprises, cloud providers and ISVs to build and manage Java PaaS in public, private and

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