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Q&A: Interview with Rajesh Ramchandani of CumuLogic

CumuLogic just announced a new Java Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for private clouds.  In the announcement, they said their new PaaS solution would enable  enterprises, cloud providers and ISVs to build and manage Java PaaS in public, private and hybrid cloud environments, and said that it would provide  enterprises with the means to control their IT/application infrastructure, while enabling developers the capability to focus on rapidly developing quality applications.

To find out more, I spoke with Rajesh Ramchandani, founder and VP of product at CumuLogic.  Can you tell me a little bit about CumuLogic and what inspired you to start this new company?

Ramchandani:  CumuLogic is a software provider that enables enterprises, cloud providers and ISVs to build and manage Java Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. CumuLogic is one of the first companies to emerge with a full Java PaaS for federated clouds. Our team has deep Java expertise, so we quickly realized that focusing on enabling Java in the cloud would be an interesting and challenging problem to solve and this was going to be what set us apart from the rest.  One of the major concerns in cloud adoption is the complexity involved in deploying clouds and managing application infrastructure. What do you think is the most important thing an enterprise must do in their cloud environment to make it less complex?

Ramchandani:  The cloud is a very busy space and many enterprises have a difficult time sifting through the noise to find the right solution. Enterprises need to focus on their specific needs to determine which cloud solution is right for them.  

Getting locked into a specific vendor technology is a huge concern for many enterprises and therefore finding a cloud vendor that offers a solution that seamlessly integrates with existing IT assets is a must. We believe enterprises must consider moving to PaaS to improve developer productivity and business agility in addition to reducing the variations in application infrastructure components which ultimately lowers the cost of IT operations. CumuLogic developed an enterprise solution by offering customers an end-to-end cloud managed platform with the flexibility to distribute workloads on multiple clouds, private or public, including, Eucalyptus, VMware and Amazon EC2, while also offering developers automation of a myriad of tasks that allow them to focus on deploying quality application very rapidly which translates into business agility.  What problem/challenges does CumuLogic solve?

Ramchandani:  CumuLogic PaaS offers developers the flexibility to traverse seamlessly between development, testing, staging and production environments. CumuLogic PaaS is cloud-agnostic and allows application deployment on multiple clouds whether public or private. For example, with CumuLogic PaaS it's possible to deploy workloads on internal VMware vSphere infrastructure and other workloads on public clouds such as Amazon EC2. This enables enterprises to leverage the scale and economics of public clouds as needed. Enterprises are also able to standardize and optimize application infrastructure, allowing for quick response to business needs.

One of the key features of CumuLogic is its capability to mix-and-match infrastructure components which is critical to building scalable, modern applications. Since we support several versions of application servers and database servers, we provide a bridge to migrate existing applications to the cloud. Also, we give the opportunity to enterprises to consolidate enterprise-wide silo'ed applications to a single platform and substantially lower the cost of managing various infrastructure assets. Our Cloud Services Catalog also allows organizations to acquire new infrastructure software and updates delivered and registered to their repositories in private clouds eliminating the time-consuming task of building their own service images.  How can enterprises benefit from PaaS deployment? 

Ramchandani:  Enterprises can achieve huge benefits from PaaS deployment. Users are able to see increased speed of development which results in faster time to market; in an era where technology is constantly being released, enterprises need to be able to get their product to market as fast as possible. PaaS virtually eliminates the need for IT administrators to manage the underlying infrastructure allowing IT to focus on delivery high quality performance and improved SLAs.  What obstacles do you see towards a broader acceptance of PaaS by large enterprises?

Ramchandani:  A full Java PaaS is a relatively new technology so some potential enterprise customers may shy away from the technology until they see real-time use cases. However, we are seeing more and more interest, and real deployments. It is no longer about public or private clouds but about shared environments that give enterprises speed, agility and the ability to keep control.

CumuLogic is focused on serving mid to large enterprises that are looking to develop and deploy enterprise Java applications in the cloud.  I noticed that your platform is currently available in beta. Can you tell us when we can expect to see a product release?

Ramchandani:  Yes, we introduced our public beta on August 2. General availability will be toward the end of this year, but anyone interested in trying out CumuLogic, can now sign up at


Published Wednesday, August 03, 2011 6:02 AM by David Marshall
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