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QEMU 0.15 Released with Full Xen Support

The QEMU project has announced the release of version 0.15 of its system emulator software.  QEMU can be used as a stand-alone desktop virtualization platform. but it can also be used for emulating guest hardware by both Xen and KVM hypervisors.  Version 0.15 now offers full Xen support.

Anthony Perard explains on, saying:

"It has taken some time: but after several revisions of the patch series, the code has finally been accepted into the QEMU mainline. A lot of effort has been spent on ensuring the quality of the changes are very high straight from the outset. This is not the end of the road: some additional patches for PCI pass-through and support for VGA dirty bitmaps are still outstanding.

Xen support in QEMU will have advantages for the QEMU as well as the Xen community. First of all, the last year has brought the two communities closer together. Going forward we hope that there will be more collaboration and sharing of ideas. Of course for the Xen community there are also advantages using vanilla QEMU: we will have access to more functionality as it is developed, such as support for the Q35 chipset within QEMU, PCI express support, and others."

KVM support has also matured.  Numerous corrections have been ported to the upstream QEMU; both are now said to share the same core code and therefore should offer the same quality.  It was also stated that the threading model was now fully synchronized with the qemu-kvm tree, and they have removed the dependency on external kernel headers, adding all supported KVM features are now built into the binary.

The new version also supports the Lattice Mico32 (LM32) and UniCore32 architectures.

QEMU 0.15 is ready for download from the QEMU Wiki.  And more details and feature updates about the latest release can be found in the change log.

Published Thursday, August 11, 2011 5:40 AM by David Marshall
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