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ServiceMesh to Deliver Policy-Driven Cloud Security
ServiceMesh, provider of the market-leading enterprise cloud platform for Global 2000 companies, today announced that ServiceMesh's Agility Platform has been integrated with Juniper Networks vGW Virtual Gateway to deliver policy-driven security for cloud-based applications and data.

Cloud security consistently ranks as a primary concern in the adoption of cloud computing for enterprise customers. Unfortunately, most cloud management products require manual configuration of multiple security systems to provide end-to-end cloud security. This significantly reduces the core benefits of cloud computing's rapid provisioning and lower operating costs.

The integration between ServiceMesh's Agility Platform and Juniper's vGW is designed to ensure end-to-end security protection by implementing automated security policies that dynamically setup and configure cloud security systems. The result is an automated, secure, and fully-governed cloud environment where users can rapidly deploy low-cost cloud computing resources.

Juniper Networks vGW Virtual Gateway is a leading innovator of hypervisor-based firewalls that monitor each Virtual Machine (VM) in the hypervisor and enforce firewall rules and policies as specified for each VM. Unlike host-based firewalls, hypervisor-based firewalls like vGW offer distinct security advantages by essentially enveloping each VM in a differentiated firewall configuration. This is particularly useful in the shared, multi-tenant environments typical of cloud computing.

The ServiceMesh Agility Platform helps enterprise customers realize concrete business value from cloud computing technology, allowing them to govern, manage and secure their most sensitive applications and data across internal and external clouds. The Agility Platform takes an end-to-end approach to cloud security, and enables organizations to define zoned security models and enforce their use via security policies that can span organizational groups, cloud workload types, different cloud environments, and other parameters. The Agility Platform also provides the auditing, visibility, and policy management necessary for fine-grained governance and control across a large enterprise.

"Cloud environments are highly dynamic with VMs provisioned within a few mouse clicks," said Johnnie Konstantas, director of product marketing at Juniper Networks. "This means security enforcement has to be dynamic too. The integrated Juniper Networks and ServiceMesh solution ensures that appropriate security controls are set up every time a workload is provisioned. This in turn gives tenants of the shared infrastructure the resource isolation they require in order to run their business in the cloud."

The addition of Juniper's vGW product expands the Agility Platform's industry-leading ecosystem of security vendors and products, including host intrusion detection systems, firewalls, file encryption systems, virtual networking, external encryption key stores, anti-virus, and other security solutions. The Agility Platform's integration with Juniper Networks vGW extends security policy enforcement with comprehensive control over port traffic, protocols, and other security attributes for each VM at the hypervisor level.

"Application and data security is a critical and often time-consuming requirement for enterprise customers, yet they also want to desperately capitalize on the agility and cost savings benefits of cloud computing," said Anthony Skipper, vice-president of infrastructure and security, ServiceMesh. "On demand provisioning of sensitive cloud workloads can provide many of the benefits that customers seek. By leveraging automated security policies, a fine-grained security policy model, and dynamic configuration of firewalls and other security systems, customers can experience the best of both worlds -- rapid time-to-market and a more consistent and governed security environment."

Published Tuesday, October 04, 2011 6:38 AM by David Marshall
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