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The Best Insurance for your Virtual Server is a Virtualization Platform Disk Optimizer
A company’s success relies on its ability to keep its budget low yet produce results that are competitive with their industry. Companies are constantly searching for new and improved ways of doing business and one way they can improve is by upgrading their business management system.

Many companies have been relying on multiple server environments to store their applications and operating systems. These require that each operating system and application have their own dedicated server where they are kept. This keeps the information safe from corruption, as one server will not infect another, but it also creates a situation with a great deal of waste.

When each application and operating system needs to be on its own dedicated server, the company is going to have to buy a lot of servers. Each of those servers needs to be powered, stored, and individually maintained. The costs increase with every server that is added to the system. In addition the company will have more space available on the servers than data that needs to be stored. In essence the company is paying for more storage space than they ever plan to use.

Virtualization platforms offer companies an alternative to multiple server environments. On a virtualization platform applications and operating systems are condensed onto a single server. This eliminates the need for a company to spend ever-increasing amounts of money to expand their business management system by purchasing multiple servers, but provides the same level of security by storing each application and operating system in a dedicated secure area within the server. The company also forgoes paying for free space that it will not use on multiple machines.

Virtualization platforms are a great way to increase the efficiency of a business and reduce the costs that it incurs, but a company must keep the platform protected from the dangers that can cause the system to suffer performance issues. These issues happen when I/O bandwidth becomes clogged as fragmentation builds up more rapidly, resource conflicts between virtual machines slow access speeds and dynamic disks set to shrink when data are deleted do not shrink. Installing a virtualization platform disk optimizer like V-locity 3 will keep these problems from affecting the performance of your platform.

V-locity 3 uses a combination of technologies to keep any VMware ESX/ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-v hypervisor platform in good operating condition. IntelliWrite® technology prevents fragmentation on the virtual disk to enhance performance. V-aware™ will detect external resource usage from other virtual machines and eliminate resource contention that would otherwise exist on the same Host Server. CogniSAN technology detects external storage usage on a shared storage system and transparently optimizes the system to eliminate resource competition with other virtual machines.

Special Virtual Disk Auto Detection allows any Guest on a V-locity platform to conform their optimization settings to the specific virtual disk that the machine is using. Unused data blocks present on the virtual disk are zeroed out through a process called Automatic Zeroing of Free Space. This eases the compaction process and storage migration will reclaim the unused free space to improve VM density and create energy efficiency.

Virtualization platforms eliminate the problems that multiple server environments create. Instead of spending more and more as the company grows in size, the virtual server greatly reduces the financial commitment to a sea of servers that a company must make with a multiple server environment. To maximize the I/O speeds and get the optimal performance out of the virtualization platform, it is important that it properly protected from common problems. Installing V-locity 3 will give any company peace of mind that their platform will provide them with results for a long time.
Published Monday, October 17, 2011 6:29 PM by David Marshall
ZacharyL - October 20, 2011 3:07 AM

mostly problems of virtualization are security and management complications but according to this article i read there are some problems solvers available.

So with time new and modern technology as well standards are coming in to sort out such issues related to virtualization, but one thing that companies need to be aware of is that the benefits in one sector should not become a source of problem in another.

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