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Goliath Technologies Announces MonitorIT for XenDesktop and XenApp

Goliath Technologies announced today that they have taken a major step in filling a gap that exists between the requirements of XenDesktop administrators and the functionality available in user experience monitoring solutions. Most virtual desktop monitoring technologies provide valuable user-relevant service level metrics but lack the capability to quickly and easily monitor the physical and virtual environments that support the virtual desktop infrastructure. This creates silos of visibility that make it difficult to determine the root-cause of performance problems which lengthens the time to remediation. 

"You don't have to spend much time with XenDesktop or XenApp customers to understand that, if performance issues arise in a Citrix XenDesktop deployment or evaluation, it is a major challenge to determine causality, remediate quickly and provide objective evidence and documentation that proves the genesis of the performance degradation." said Thomas Charlton, Chairman of Goliath Technologies. He continued, "the core issue is that current solutions are either focused only on user experience or, if they do have the capability to monitor the whole infrastructure, are so difficult to deploy and expensive that they are not a viable solution. MonitorIT is inexpensive, easy to deploy and offers one view of the entire environment.

"We have selected the PHD Virtual version of Monitor IT to monitor our customer deployments of XenDesktop" said Steve Harms of Pentasys Solutions. He continued, "we have thousands of Virtual Desktops under management and we can't afford to hear of a problem from the customer and if we do, then it needs to be resolved quickly. The PHD Virtual Monitor Version of MonitorIT allowed us one single view of our customer's environment so we could set thresholds for alerts and if they are triggered, quickly determine root cause and remediate promptly. Just as important we needed to be able to see these events as they took place across the infrastructure from the hosts to our network devices and storage, so if a network switch is down, my Citrix team is not getting blamed. Certainly, we also needed something that was easy to use and cost effective."

MonitorIT captures metrics from the Desktop Delivery Controller, Licensing Server and Provisioning server and combines this data with other metrics from the virtual machines, hosts, networks, applications and physical servers to give one complete view of the underlying infrastructure that is not captured by user experience centric solutions. Monitoring the underlying infrastructure of Citrix XenDesktop to ensure it is available and running is a key capability without which SLAs could not be met for up time and availability. Furthermore, when those services and processes fail, MonitorIT will automatically restart them. Specifically, MonitorIT can deliver visibility into performance of the individual components of the Desktop Delivery Controller and monitor the Broker Service, AD Accout Service, Machine Creation Service, Hosting Unit Service, Central Configuration Service, and the Machine Personality Service. In order to ensure Citrix XenDesktop's Desktop Delivery Controller and Provisioning Server is available, it is important to be able to set thresholds to several key performance counters which can indicate potential failure. With MonitorIT, you can be notified when these thresholds are met for monitoring the number of brokered sessions, concurrent Database Connection, latency, and monitor the flow of data as VMs are corrected. From there, our easy to use reporting engine enables administrators to graph this information for long term analysis.

Published Friday, November 04, 2011 2:09 PM by David Marshall
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