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WinOnX Runs Windows Apps on Macs for $4.99

WinOnX, a new utility that lets users run Microsoft Windows applications on Apple Macintosh computers, is available today from developer NES Software. Priced at $4.99, WinOnX provides Mac users with fast, easy and affordable access to a wide variety of business, productivity and other applications written exclusively for PCs running the Microsoft Windows operating system. A video demonstration of WinOnX is available at WinOnX can be found in the Apple Mac App Store via   

WinOnX brings Windows applications to Mac users who might not attempt using them otherwise. To run a Windows application using WinOnX for the first time, users simply:

1. Download and install WinOnX on a Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.6 or later
2. Locate the desired Windows application (on the Mac desktop or via the Finder)
3. Double-click on the Windows application

Once WinOnX is installed, Mac users can run Windows applications with a simple double-click of an application’s icon. Users can have Windows apps up and running in minutes, for the price of a burger. In contrast, alternative solutions require Mac users to buy and install a copy of Microsoft Windows, at a minimum, as well as virtualization software if they want to avoid the inconvenience of booting the Windows operating system to access Windows applications.

“Some applications just aren’t available on the Mac, but some Mac users still want to, or have to, run them,” said Hisham El-Emam, CEO of NES Software. “For many, WinOnX is the only easy-to-use alternative to pricey Windows licenses and virtualization programs. And as our list of compatible Windows applications continues to expand, WinOnX becomes an increasingly attractive alternative for the average Mac user.”

What is WinOnX? WinOnX is a utility that lets Windows applications run on Macintosh computers running Mac OS X 10.6 or later. After installing WinOnX on a Mac, the user simply 1) locates the Windows app on the Mac desktop or via the Finder and 2) launches the Windows app by double clicking on its icon. Technically speaking, WinOnX is a Windows emulator and compatibility layer based on the open source Wine project, managing the communications between Mac OS X and 16- and 32-bit Windows applications written for Windows 2.x and higher.

Who will benefit? Macintosh users — in both personal and business settings — who need occasional access to Windows applications. WinOnX may also be a viable option for enterprise-focused, vertical apps written for the Windows operating system. NES Software tempers its WinOnX benefits with two advisories. First, Mac users are strongly encouraged to forgo WinOnX and use native, Mac OS X versions of applications whenever they are available. Second, Mac users who need guaranteed compatibility are encouraged to install the Windows operating system and run the Windows apps in their native environment.

Why is WinOnX important? Prior to WinOnX, users paid a high price in time and money to run Windows applications on a Mac. At a minimum, they had to buy and install a copy of the Windows operating system, easily spending $100 and one hour in the process. If users wanted the convenience of running Windows apps and Mac apps simultaneously, they had to purchase virtualization software as well. Advanced users can run Windows apps on a Mac via an open source emulator, but the complexity of those solutions deters the average user. WinOnX brings Windows apps to the Mac masses for $4.99. With a high-speed Internet connection, WinOnX has an average download and install time of five minutes.

What are the key features of WinOnX? Most users will find simplicity the key feature of WinOnX. As described above, a first-time WinOnX user can be up and running in five minutes — from WinOnX download to Windows application launch. Once WinOnX is installed, users launch Windows apps as they would Macintosh apps, by double-clicking their associated icons. Because it runs on Mac OS X, WinOnX lets users run Windows apps and Mac apps simultaneously.

For technically-oriented users, the key feature of WinOnX may be Wine, the open source project that underpins WinOnX to provide core emulation and compatibility services. Wine is well-established and actively developed. Moreover, Wine boasts a long, reasonably accurate list of compatible Windows apps. Users can view this list at to gauge how a given application will work with WinOnX. Applications not listed may also work with WinOnX while some listed apps — such as full-screen apps — are not yet supported.

What are the WinOnX system requirements? To run WinOnX, a Macintosh computer must be running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion).

WinOnX Pricing and Availability? Priced at $4.99, WinOnX can be found in the Apple Mac App Store via

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