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Stromasys boosts CHARON performance by introducing AXP+ and free Personal Alpha+

Stromasys S.A., the leader in legacy system virtualization, announces a significant extension of its virtual Alpha product range at both ends of the performance scale.

At the entry point, we are pleased to provide Personal Alpha+ for free and unlimited use by both commercial and non-commercial organizations. Personal Alpha+ is the successor to Stromasys' Personal Alpha, the first freeware virtual Alpha system, downloaded more than 10'000 times. Its popularity among enthusiasts and professionals using OpenVMS or TRU64 on their laptop or desktop remains unmatched.

Personal Alpha+ has twice the performance of Personal Alpha, and is based on the most recent commercial code base. It comes with a fixed configuration and provides the functionality of a virtual AlphaServer DS10, running on a 64-bit Windows (version 7 or server 2008) host system. Personal Alpha+ can be used for commercial purposes without restrictions; it can be downloaded from the Stromasys website. Optionally Personal Alpha+ will be covered by a support agreement.

At the high end, the Stromasys' PowerAlpha project that was started last year resulted in a spectacular high performance virtual Alpha system design. Based on the 'Bare Metal' principle, which creates software models of individual Alpha hardware components running directly on server hardware, these systems match the performance of the fastest EV68 Alpha hardware systems. The design allows (custom) hardware Alpha I/O adapters to be directly plugged in the virtual Alpha systems.

This new design principle is the basis of the new CHARON-AXP+ systems, starting with an AlphaServer DS20 model in the beginning of next year. CHARON-AXP+ systems will come as integrated hardware and software packages, pre-installed and ready to run. They provide the precise Alpha hardware environment and will run – as the other CHARON-AXP products – the original, unmodified OpenVMS or TRU64 environment and their applications.

Published Friday, November 18, 2011 7:17 AM by David Marshall
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