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Q&A with PaperShare Founders Five Months After Initial Beta Launch of its New Social Network

Back in June, I had the opportunity to speak with the founders of a new Social Information site called PaperShare.  Founded by industry experts Doug Brown (founder of DABCC) and David Greschler (co-founder of Softricity App-V, and until recently, Director of Virtualization and Cloud strategy at Microsoft), PaperShare has gone from Beta less than 5 months ago to a public launch yesterday.  This social experiment originated as a cloud service that allowed people to find high-quality information about virtualization and cloud computing based on other people's recommendations.  So fast forward 5 months to its public release, and where are they now?  Here is my conversation with Brown, CTO, and Greschler, CEO, to find out the latest on PaperShare.  Welcome back.  Last time we talked was about five months ago - can you remind VMblog readers what PaperShare is now that you've officially launched?

Great to talk with you again David!

PaperShare is a social content network for business and technical professionals, using high-quality content to connect people to information, individuals and companies in the same industries. Users can access, share and discuss all types of professional content, including white papers, videos, and case studies leading to better, more educated technical and business decisions. We are currently focused on the cloud computing and virtualization community.

PaperShare was created to find resources and contacts while enabling interactions with people in our respective technology communities. PaperShare offers users and companies a new and revolutionary way to increase productivity and awareness.

We are also very excited to say the beta went better than our wildest dreams. In only a few months our users have shared and consumed over 28,000 pieces of content and have created thousands of new relationships. PaperShare is firing on all cylinders and now we are very excited to launch it and grow to scale.  How does PaperShare differ from other professional social networking sites?

PaperShare has a completely new and unique twist to social. We simply flipped the social paradigm by putting the content first versus the person; no other site has done this. Other social networks lead with people, thus introducing tons of noise that consists of content, messages, pictures and videos that do not make sense and/or is not relevant to you. The byproduct of this flip is to allow you to find the resources you are looking for and at the same time the professionals and companies interested in the same. Not the typical social experience where I'm bored to death with pictures of your kids (no offense to your children but I'm interested in resources, not birthday parties. I have Facebook already). The simple flip sets us up perfectly for achieving all of the above requirements, by design. 

On PaperShare we categorize all content, people, integrators, groups, and messages so users can quickly check a few very descriptive boxes and quickly drill down to find the resources (apps, documents, presentations, videos, audio, people, integrators and companies) they want.  By doing this we allow our users to see only what they are interested in and thus we reduce the mass amount of noise found on other social networks out there today.

Because social networks have become a part of everyday life, we've also included built-in social mechanisms that allow users to seamlessly export PaperShare activity into Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to prompt others to access relevant content and extend their business network on PaperShare.  What are some of the key features of PaperShare?

We designed PaperShare to make technical and business content searching incredibly easy.

Key features of PaperShare include:

  • A unique bookshelf layout makes for easy viewing and selection of business and technical information
  • Categorization of information, people and companies by industry topics, companies, integrators and products, lets users quickly narrow their search, and access pertinent information
  • Ability to connect with colleagues, business partners, thought-leaders and people interested in the same topics you're interested in.
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of private and public groups and ask other users and companies to join and engage in discussions about business and technical topics and materials.
  • Centrally distribute and update content and its social context, such as third party product reviews, across the internet, including company websites, partner sites, blogs and news sites  What is the current state of the market that you're in?

Companies have been using technical and business content to communicate with customers since the beginning of time, but the Internet has made it much easier to get that content into the hands of people without the need for fluffy ads and promotions. We see PaperShare as a way to make it as easy as possible for people and companies to communicate with each other and at the same time, share content with each other.  When we last spoke with you in June, you were focused on cloud and virtualization - what's the status for support of other technology topics and vertical markets?

We have been extremely busy getting PaperShare to work perfectly for the cloud and virtualization audience and as we said, it's now firing on all cylinders. But we're not going to stop there. In the first half of 2012 we plan on  adding support for additional technology topics including security, data and storage, as well as vertical industries, such as finance and healthcare, so be sure to stay tuned!  What inspired PaperShare's creation?

Check out Doug's blog,  It's a great deep-dive into his thinking about PaperShare.

View the Virtualization and Cloud library here:

And for more information, please visit

Published Wednesday, November 23, 2011 7:25 AM by David Marshall
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Two of my friends, both well known in the virtualization and cloud industries, Doug Brown and David Greschler, started a new social sharing site called PaperShare -- the network where you can find all the content, people and companies in your industry

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