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Nodeable: 2012 Prediction - Everything Gets Measured


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2012 Prediction - Everything Gets Measured

Contributed Article by Dave Rosenberg, CEO and Founder of Nodeable

As the number of vendors offering cloud-based services has grown, so too has the need for users to be able to share data across application borders. This typically takes the form of APIs that allow for some level of inter-application communication but will need to expand into real-time networks that allow users to move data in and out of applications in both ad-hoc and automated processes.

These days, it's easy to have an application scale across an array of virtual machines, but it's still hard to ensure the transmission of data from one resource to another, especially when those resources aren't on the same network or in the same data center.

Network latency, noisy neighbors and any number of other issues can and will occur that make a transactional relationship in the cloud a challenge. As such, I expect a rise in interest for guaranteed high-speed delivery of transactional messages.  

Along with the rise of cloud-to-cloud application networks, I also expect to see a great deal of interest in the monitoring and management of cloud transactions. In fact, this may be where we start to see the rubber hit the road in the DevOps world as different user groups within an organization have vested, but different interests in ensuring that data arrives quickly and consistently.

To that end, we'll see a growth in the analysis of communication in the cloud and solutions that address everything from the "digital exhaust" associated with every layer of the stack-from each transaction to the system management aspects of virtual machines themselves.  

Cloud has already become the norm and is growing on a daily basis. The next phase is to make sure that we are best taking advantage of what's available and using it to enhance our infrastructure. 


About the Author

Dave Rosenberg is the CEO and Founder of Nodeable, a systems intelligence platform for managing and analyzing systems data, making it easy for organizations to interact and collaboratively manage cloud-based systems and services. Previously he was co-founder and CEO of MuleSoft and CIO at Glass, Lewis & Co.

Published Tuesday, November 29, 2011 6:00 AM by David Marshall
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