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What do Virtualization and Cloud executives think about 2012? Find out in this series exclusive.

2012 Predictions - Nutanix

Contributed Article by Dheeraj Pandey, Co-Founder and CEO, Nutanix

Given the Europe contagion, and a slow US recovery, 2012 will be a déjà vu year -- 2009 revisited. Businesses will be cautiously optimistic, and spending on products and technologies where there are opportunities to reduce capital and operational costs. Here are my predictions: 

Big data and NoSQL drastically reduce network storage dependence 

Big data and NoSQL change the storage landscape in the mid-market and high-end enterprise. Server-attached storage will be king for these new applications. PCIe-SSDs take center stage, as do rack-mounted servers. Blades, SANs, and NASs watch out. 

2012: Year of the Virtualization Administrator

The virtualization administrator is doing more network administration with virtual switches and virtual ports than her network counterpart. She is doing more storage administration with virtual storage and virtual disks than her storage counterpart. This generalist role is analogous to a family medicine practitioner who now deals with most datacenter issues before they are routed to specialists. 2012 will see an accelerated convergence of skill sets that will result in top-down decision making even in Fortune 500, where private clouds will prosper. 2012 will witness the revenge of the private cloud. 

2012: Year of Hyper-V and KVM

By Q4 of 2012, the dominance of VMware would be challenged. The mid-market will continue to kick the tires on Microsoft Hyper-V and open-source KVM for the first half, but by Q4, new ground would be broken in the mid-market and service providers. This is reminiscent of Oracle's dominance in the database market 10 years ago. By 2004, Microsoft SQL Server had become good enough for the Windows mid-market, and MySQL had become good enough for the large web shops. Q4 of 2012 will witness some major wins by Hyper-V and KVM, away from VMware.

Year of the Tablet-in-the-Enterprise... and VDI 

2012 will witness a rapid growth of tablets in the enterprise, and that will stoke an even higher VDI adoption for access to legacy Windows apps. Tablet will become VDI's best friend in 2012. 

Year of HTML5 

HTML5 will usurp most new UI development projects, both for mobile and laptop/desktop devices. 

Year of big acquisitions in SaaS 

2012 will witness some big SaaS acquisitions by Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and VMware. Workday, NetSuite,, Dropbox, Rootstock, and Arena will command some healthy premiums. SAP's organic SaaS initiative, SAP ByDesign, watch out. SAP will be a loser one more time. 

Year of Google Apps and the crushing of competition

2012 will see a massive uptake in Google Apps. VMware and Microsoft initiatives become a "me-too" and by 2013, they fizzle out and fall by the wayside. 


About the Author

Dheeraj Pandey is Co-Founder and CEO of Nutanix.

He brings over 12 years of experience working at high growth enterprise software companies. Prior to founding Nutanix, Dheeraj was VP of Engineering at Aster Data where he built the engineering team from ground up, overseeing the development of multiple releases of the product. Prior to Aster Data, Dheeraj was at Oracle where he managed development of storage engine for Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata. Dheeraj holds a Masters in Computer Science from University of Texas at Austin, where he was a Graduate Fellow, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, where he was adjudged the "Best All Rounder Among All Graduating Students in All Disciplines".

Published Thursday, December 01, 2011 6:10 AM by David Marshall
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I'd like to personally welcome each and every one of you to the start of 2012! As we begin what will certainly prove to be a fantastic new year, I wanted to make sure to thank all of the loyal member's and readers of Once again, with the help - Virtualization Technology News and Information for Everyone - (Author's Link) - December 14, 2012 4:39 PM

For the last few weeks, the Nutanix marketing team kept nudging me to write a blog on 2013 predictions. I kept pushing it, perhaps subconsciously, because it would have been a royal waste if the world really came to an end. 12/12/12 is safely behind us,

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