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Doyenz: 2012 Predictions for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery


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2012 Predictions for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Contributed Article by Eric Webster, Chief Revenue Officer, Doyenz

Many have experienced the panic of sitting at a desk in the office when a disaster hits, whether it is an earthquake or simply spilling a large glass of water on your laptop. For IT systems, the most devastating disasters, however, are not at the hand of Mother Nature-they're most often the result of hardware failures, faulty software upgrades or man-made errors. While advanced planning can help ensure business continuity, companies are shifting their expectations around disaster recovery. This change is led in part by the consumerization of IT, which has made "ease-of-use" and accessibility a key piece of criteria for any business application.

As this trend makes its way into the disaster recovery market, organizations will have greater expectations around application availability and intuitive web-based management. They will expect 24x7 data accessibility, faster time-to-recovery and improved security of their data.

Here's what to look for in 2012:

1. The Demise of Cloud Storage

Many businesses think of cloud storage as a hard disk in the sky, when in fact the only functionality cloud storage provides is data backup and retrieval. In most cases, the end user will never know if the files are recoverable until after a critical outage occurs and they are faced with the dilemma of trying to recover those files. With the introduction of cloud computing and the growing number of "copy cat" cloud providers, cloud storage has become highly commoditized with the number of players growing by the month. We believe companies will look beyond cloud-based storage solutions to a new generation of recovery as-a-service technologies, focusing on replication and recovery of production environments in the cloud.

2. Companies Will Demand Availability of Applications, Not Just Data

As we all know, companies are increasingly relying on software applications to run their business. While this increased dependency on apps seems like a simple concept, it is making them more vulnerable than ever. With this shift in mind, it's important that organizations demand not only data recovery capabilities, but full application recovery. This will allow companies to run their businesses, even in the face of a disaster.

3. Access to Recovery Environments from Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere Becomes Critical Requirement

In the cloud, it's all about instant and scalable access to your data. We believe that these consumerized cloud computing expectations will influence SMB requirements of service providers. In 2012, organizations will require vendors to provide intuitive web management that enables instant access to production applications in a recovery environment from any device - whether a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

4. When it Comes to Application Recovery, Blind Trust Will Be Traded in for Hard Proof

In 2012, service agreements that simply state a customer's applications will be replicated in the cloud will no longer be sufficient. Days of blindly trusting a cloud provider will be traded in for hard proof that applications are backed up in the cloud and ready to be recovered. At any time, a company should be able to verify the integrity of their data and server images, instantly access their applications, and test recovery. While it sounds simple, many companies do not currently have this capability.


About the Author

Eric Webster - Chief Revenue Officer, Doyenz

Eric Webster has 15+ years of experience in the area of high availability and business continuity. He has served in management and executive roles at Oracle, Ricoh, NetBrowser and XOsoft which was acquired by CA for it's IP-based replication solutions that help customers migrate data from physical to virtual machines in the event of an outage. He currently serves as chief revenue officer of Doyenz, a provider of cloud-based disaster recovery solutions.
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