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PaperShare Introduces First Social Content Network for Collaboration and Sharing of Business Material and Technical Information

PaperShare today launched its new social content network for business and technical professionals, using high-quality content to connect people to information, individuals and companies in the same industries. Users can access, share and discuss all types of professional content, including white papers, videos, applications and ROI calculators, leading to better, more educated technical and business decisions. Companies use PaperShare to make their content more engaging by adding social context and can centrally distribute their materials across the Internet.

PaperShare cuts through the noise of traditional content searches and provides a clear view of the topics, companies and materials that are relevant to an individual’s job. With built-in social mechanisms, such as the ability to see who else has read, shared or commented on a particular piece of content and direct links to Twitter and LinkedIn, PaperShare provides deep social context to each search. PaperShare has already signed up more than 20 charter customers who, along with cloud and virtualization professionals, have posted and shared more than 28,000 items, including content from industry leaders such as Amazon, Cisco, Citrix, Google, Microsoft and VMware. Support for additional technology topics including security, data and storage, as well as vertical industries, such as finance and healthcare, will be available in the first half of 2012.

“The social revolution has, up to now, passed over business and technical content in favor of pictures and videos of dancing babies and self-centered observations. PaperShare is here to bring business to social by matching high-quality professional content with people and companies in the same industries so they can make the best decisions for their business,” said David Greschler, CEO of PaperShare.

A Social Content Network that Increases Knowledge and the Bottom-Line

With PaperShare, a user or company can create a unique profile with background information and easily upload content to be shared with everyone (public) or select individuals (private). Users can follow individuals, companies or groups and receive notifications when new, relevant content has been shared.  

Key features of PaperShare include:

  • Intuitive user interface - A unique bookshelf layout makes for easy viewing and selection of business and technical information.
  • Quick, easy content search - Information, people and companies are categorized by industry topics, making it easy for users to quickly narrow their search, access pertinent information and connect with like-minded people. It’s a one-stop-shop to find all the people, companies and content in an industry.
  • Socialize technical and business content – Built-in social mechanisms contextualize technical and business information. Users can read reviews and engage in discussions; view suggestions for related information based on who uploaded and viewed the content; access direct links to related companies; and join affiliated groups and external news feeds. Additionally, users can seamlessly export PaperShare activity into Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to prompt others to access content on PaperShare. 
  • Friends and groups – Create an unlimited number of private and public groups and ask other users and companies to engage in live discussions about business and technical topics. For example, Microsoft uses PaperShare groups to host live Q&A sessions with the next one occurring on November 22 about Windows Server virtualization and the private cloud. Visit the Microsoft blog to learn more about this event. The New England VMware User Group shares documents presented at its quarterly meetings through PaperShare. While Citrix XenClient is using PaperShare to keep its community up to date with its latest technical and business resources.
  • Centralized content distribution – Using PaperShare’s distribution network, users and companies can centrally distribute and update their content and its social context across the Internet, including their website, partner sites, blogs and news sites.
  • Security and privacy – PaperShare provides granular settings and security features that allow users to create public, private or approval-required settings.

Leading Industry Executives Realize the Benefits of Using PaperShare

“PaperShare fills a much needed online gap in the ability to search for highly-targeted technical content for specific vertical markets,” said Simon Crosby, CTO of Bromium. “I use PaperShare to get the latest authoritative content from vendors and tech leaders in the cloud and desktop virtualization industries.”

“With PaperShare, we are able to share useful content with IT professionals as soon as it’s available. The site’s collaboration helps get those resources to the people that need it most,” said Gene Bonacci, vice president channels and alliances, RES Software. “We can also quickly create private communities for our Business Partners to efficiently share content resources and engage in discussions with them to determine the effectiveness of these assets.”

“PaperShare provides a groundbreaking mechanism for sharing critical information with our customers, partners and team members. This tool gives us a simple, efficient way to create communities with customers and industry partners to engage in business discussions, as well as easily exchange and reference content and resources,” said Mike Strohl, CEO of Entisys, a leading cloud and virtualization integrator in California and founding member of M7 Global Partners.

Pricing and Availability

PaperShare now offers a free basic version of its service for individuals and will soon roll out a premium version for $10 per month or $100 per year. Companies interested in subscriptions, which include the ability to upload unlimited content, create private and public groups and access trend analytics, can contact for pricing details.

Published Tuesday, December 13, 2011 12:04 PM by David Marshall
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