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ScaleMP: Solutions will Arise Addressing the Contradiction between Cloud Infrastructure and Platforms Required for Big Data Analytics


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Solutions will Arise Addressing the Contradiction between Cloud Infrastructure and Platforms Required for Big Data Analytics

Contributed Article by Shai Fultheim, founder and CEO, ScaleMP

This year we witnessed as organizations from all industries and of all sizes struggled to keep up with the growth of data and the emergence of a new trend: big data. According to a 2010 IBM survey, the equivalent of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created by sensors, mobile devices, online transactions, and social networks daily. This results with 90 percent of the world's data having been generated in just the past two years. On a monthly basis, people send four billion tweets and post 30 billion messages on Facebook, and more than five billion mobile devices are in use today.

The computer systems that are most commonly used to store and process this information are typically concentrated in high-density, virtualized data centers. These data centers are getting a growing percentage of the organization's computing cycles and storage capacity. Still, these data centers consist of servers that lack the compute power and storage capacity to process large amounts of data that are being generated. Customers looking to use these new data centers are faced with growing challenges associated with the gap between workflows and application characteristics and data center capabilities.

As a result, we see two paradigms being developed to address the issue of big data. These two paradigms, software-based, distributed, big data platforms and vertically scaled systems are contradictory approaches looking to address the same big data analysis problem. On one side, cloud-focused, distributed software platforms such as Hadoop have recently entered the ring with companies such as IBM and Oracle in clear competition on what the best approach is to solving big data with vertically scaled systems. The latter pose significant challenges such as monolithic architecture, over-provisioning and high acquisition costs to customers.

In 2012, the growth rate and pace of big data will only increase as organizations will continue to search for better, more effective ways to improve products and services. The demand for more big data solutions will multiply and even more vendors will enter the arena to help solve the big data dilemma, further addressing the contradiction between big data in the cloud and big data analytics.

A recent installation investigating this challenge is being attempted by the San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC). SDSC has designed data-intensive computers that can address a broad range of applications, and coupled high-density data center economics with big data problems using a virtual SMP approach - providing virtual scale-up systems for the most demanding problems.


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Shai Fultheim, founder and CEO of ScaleMP - As founder and CEO of ScaleMP, Shai designed and architected the core technology behind ScaleMP and is responsible for the company's strategy and direction. Shai has more than 15 years of experience in technology and business roles in IT and venture-backed firms. Before founding ScaleMP Shai was CTO of BRM Capital, a first-tier Israeli venture-capital fund. Shai defined the fund's technology roadmap, which formed the foundation of BRM's investment strategy. He has also served in the Israeli Defense Force's prestigious central intelligence unit, where he led a large IT organization of hundreds of engineers and programmers.
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