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Atlantis ILIO Center Manages the Deployment of ILIO for Large Scale Virtual Desktop Implementations from VMware vCenter

Atlantis Computing, the leader in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) storage and performance optimization solutions, today announced the release of Atlantis ILIO Center, which enables administrators to monitor, manage and report on the key optimization metrics for hundreds of Atlantis ILIO controllers and tens of thousands of virtual desktops. Atlantis ILIO Center allows customers to quickly scale their VDI deployments using their existing management systems. With the optional VMware vCenter plugin and SNMP alerting capabilities, ILIO Center integrates seamlessly into the same management consoles already used to manage or monitor datacenters.

“We have customers that have already deployed Atlantis ILIO on thousands of servers running tens of thousands of virtual desktops and we keep seeing increasing numbers of large VDI deployments being planned,” said Bernard Harguindeguy, President and CEO, Atlantis Computing. “ILIO Center was designed to help our customers simplify the management of optimized virtual desktops for both small and large VDI environments.”

Atlantis ILIO Center

Atlantis ILIO Center enables administrators to monitor, manage and report on multiple Atlantis ILIO controllers and their associated Windows desktop VMs. The Atlantis ILIO Center is a virtual appliance that integrates with VMware vCenter as a plugin and is also accessible through a web-based interface. ILIO Center uses VMware vCenter APIs to discover existing Atlantis ILIO controllers and automatically start communicating with them to monitor, manage and report on key storage optimization metrics including IOPS offload and disk usage. In VMware vCenter, Atlantis ILIO Center appears as an additional tab at the datacenter, cluster, resource pool, host and virtual machine levels. ILIO Center also provides real-time alerts to existing enterprise management systems and administrators through SNMP and email alerts.

ILIO Center Features:

  • Monitor – Monitor the health, memory, CPU, and disk usage of Atlantis ILIO virtual appliances through VMware vCenter and a web browser. 
  • SNMP and Email Alerts – Automatically send alerts by email and SNMP to notify administrators and enterprise management systems of critical events.
  • Manage – Automatically discover, manage and patch up to 200 Atlantis ILIO virtual appliances.
  • Report – Create and export reports (PDF or Excel) that show individual or aggregated IOPS offload, disk usage, CPU usage, and memory usage.

Atlantis ILIO VDI Storage Optimization Technology

Atlantis ILIO is a software virtual machine that optimizes how the Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems interact with storage. Atlantis ILIO technologies include highly efficient processing – in the rack – of Windows NTFS storage IO traffic and inline deduplication of Windows images before they reach storage. They are designed specifically for VDI workloads and as a result, Atlantis ILIO reduces the amount of traffic going to storage by up to 90 percent and decreases the storage capacity required by up to 99 percent, further reducing the amount of storage needed for a successful VDI deployment. The impact is a dramatic reduction in the cost of the virtual desktop and a large boost in desktop performance.

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