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VirtualSharp: 2012 Predictions - Recovery as a Service (RaaS) Accelerates Public Cloud Adoption


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2012 Predictions - Recovery as a Service (RaaS) Accelerates Public Cloud Adoption

Contributed Article by Pedro Tortosa, co-founder and CTO, VirtualSharp Software

Public clouds have gained credibility in 2011 and have become a choice to fulfill computing needs at many companies. We have seen many of them deploy or migrate mission critical workloads to public clouds, while big IT players improve their offerings more and more. It is similar as when you see troops preparing for the big battle after several minor skirmishes.

But this evolution has happened in rather specific areas like email and SaaS. Cloud computing still has to overcome some hurdles that could hamper mainstream adoption during several years. Cloud is much more useful for new companies that can design their business processes around the cloud from scratch, than for older companies who have to redesign many things. Cloud is much more useful for small companies that have their core business in Intel x86 platforms than for bigger companies who have several platforms involved in every business process. It easier to use cloud for companies who are not in heavily regulated sectors than for companies that have to demonstrate compliance in security, continuity and recovery.

One of the factors than can drive and accelerate cloud adoption is the availability of cloud services that are useful for a wide range of companies, and undoubtedly efficient, non-intrusive, and enjoy a low risk of adoption. Recovery as a Service, or RaaS, is one of these services that is helping to change the vision that many companies have about cloud, because as with email and SaaS, it can solve a real need for a growing number of companies with efficiency and cost savings. 

RaaS is also one of the clearest use cases of the cloud because it enables resource sharing across a large number of tenants, leading to deep economies of scale. It can also contribute to accelerate cloud adoption because as companies become used to having disaster recovery in the cloud and feel comfortable with it, they will assimilate the idea of having also their production environment in the cloud and experience the benefits that it provides.

One of the main conditions for this to happen is the availability of products and solutions in the market that can help to manage the replication of data as well as fully configured applications to the cloud and assure their recoverability. Cloud Service Providers (or CSPs) need to prove to their customers, and to themselves, that they understand the entire service stack of their customers, including hardware, storage, hypervisors, operating systems, middleware and applications. Protecting data is not enough: CSPs must ensure that when their customers need to failover to the public cloud, there will not be another disaster lurking in the CSP's recovery infrastructure or procedures that can cause applications to fail or perform inadequately, and lead to a public relations nightmare, or worse still, contractual penalties from supply chain partners or punitive action from regulatory authorities. 

Accordingly, customers and CSPs need to talk the same language and put metrics around service resilience that mean the same across private and public clouds, so that recovery time and recovery point objectives can be managed with a common set of criteria aligned with the customers' business needs and meeting compliance requirements. If this can be achieved, and we have every reason to believe that it will be the case, RasS will become one of the hottest topics in 2012 and public cloud adoption will skyrocket. 


Published Thursday, December 22, 2011 5:28 PM by David Marshall
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