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CiRBA Announces Availability of Revolutionary Control Console for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0

CiRBA Inc., a leader in Data Center Intelligence (DCI) software, today announced support for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 in its latest release of CiRBA Version 7.0. CiRBA’s new Control Console provides IT organizations with unprecedented control over risk and efficiency in virtual and cloud infrastructure. The console provides a revolutionary visualization revealing in a single view where attention is required at the VM, host, and cluster level and explicit instructions on what to do in order to eliminate risk and increase efficiency.

“CiRBA and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization provide a powerful solution for enabling organizations to gain control over virtual infrastructure while significantly reducing its cost,” said Chuck Tatham, SVP, Operations and Business Development at CiRBA. “CiRBA’s analytics help organizations place workloads and allocate resources in order to safely maximize efficiency and VM density. Organizations benefiting from the efficiency gains provided by CiRBA analytics along with the performance and cost advantages of leveraging Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization-based infrastructure have opportunities to achieve substantial savings on infrastructure over VMware-based alternatives.”

Regardless of virtualization platform, most organizations today combat risk in server infrastructure by over-provisioning capacity and over-allocated resources to VMs, significantly increasing the cost of virtualization. CiRBA’s Control Console gives organizations the power to set policies for how virtual infrastructure should be managed, then safely eliminate waste by revealing whether or not VMs, hosts or clusters have “Too Little Infrastructure” (resources in the red band), “Too Much Infrastructure” (resources in the yellow band) or are “Just Right” (resources in the green band). This provides a simple means of understanding what is at risk, what is inefficient, and where action needs to be taken. Infrastructure managers use the Spectrum view and explicit actions provided by CiRBA such as VM moves, VM allocation or capacity changes to work toward a simple goal of moving all of the entities in an environment into the green. CiRBA’s analytics model an organization’s business and operational policies so that requirements for SLAs, regulations, DR, HA, and other critical criteria are reflected in the actions recommended by the solution.

Other key capabilities of CiRBA’s new Control Console include the ability to:

  • View environment status and required actions over time, including predictive, forward-looking views
  • Reserve capacity and plan for VMs and hosts that are coming into or leaving an environment
  • Measure the efficiency of an environment with a single metric, the CiRBA Efficiency Index, that accounts for policy in determining how much infrastructure is required and how much is spare or excess
  • Compare efficiency across various environments or data centers leveraging the CiRBA environment home page
  • Automate recommended actions such as allocation changes or VM moves by building integrations to third-party management solutions like Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

“We are excited to partner with CiRBA today to provide additional capabilities to our virtualization customers,” said Navin Thadani, senior director, Virtualization Business at Red Hat. “Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 brings compelling new performance, scalability and cost benefits to customers and teaming with CiRBA provides new levels of control to enterprises virtualizing with Red Hat.”

“Managers are sick of trying to figure out what needs to be done using basic charts and tables. CiRBA’s new Control Console radically changes the way infrastructure requirements are viewed and managed, highlighting waste and inefficiency and the specific steps required to address these issues in a way not previously possible,” said Chuck Tatham, SVP, Operations and Business Development at CiRBA. “We are very pleased to have partnered with Red Hat to provide Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization users with the kind of visibility and control required to run leaner data centers with lower risk.”

CiRBA’s analytics are cross-platform, providing solutions for a wide variety of virtualization platforms. The CiRBA Control Console, available in CiRBA Version 7.0, currently supports VMware and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization infrastructure with additional platforms planned for upcoming releases. For organizations looking to migrate physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, CiRBA has also just released analytics to support planning of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization-based infrastructure.

To download a free, fully supported 60-day trial of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0, visit Visit the Red Hat Market Place at

Published Wednesday, January 18, 2012 6:46 PM by David Marshall
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