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Futurestate IT Inc. introduces AppRx v2.0 Compelling Application Currency Management Solution for Enterprises
Futurestate IT, provider of the automated SaaS-based Application Currency Management platform today announces that it is releasing v2.0 of its flagship product AppRx, to help enterprises monitor and manage applications in order to keep them up to date, supported and adaptive to changes in the IT environment.

As a result of tighter IT budgets over the last decade, and growing demand by the business for new functionality, many IT organizations have had to focus their efforts on supporting the business at the expense of IT maintenance. This deferred maintenance has resulted in a growing backlog of out-of-date, and often unsupported, applications. Furthermore, as organizations continue to add new applications, and application vendors continue to upgrade to keep in step with the newest operating systems, organizations are facing escalating business-critical risk.

The risk of out-of-date applications for IT departments includes running unsupported software, inability to embrace new technology (such as Windows 7), and potential application failure. For the business, it means potential for diminished productivity due to downtime, loss of competitive edge, and risk of non-compliance. The biggest concern, however, is the fact that many companies have no real understanding of their risk exposure.

"Organizations can no longer ignore the backlog of out-of-date applications and the risks they pose," said Alex Topitsch, CEO at Futurestate IT, Inc. "We created AppRx v 2.0 to enable companies to rapidly determine their application portfolio currency risk, take steps to remediate it, and monitor and manage application currency on an on-going basis."

AppRx version 2.0 provides the following features and benefits to an organization:

- Central repository to manage application portfolio. AppRx provides a cloud-based repository where companies can maintain their application inventory and store their install files. Authorized stakeholders can access, update and review the list and files with ease. They can also leverage various reports and views to rationalize applications and eliminate redundancy.

- Determine current state. AppRx Currency Analysis enables organizations to quickly determine if applications are out-of-date or unsupported. Details are also provided for the platforms on which the application is certified to run. Users can run reports to assess application certification by platform as well as the potential for application upgrade.

- Monitor and manage applications on an ongoing basis. AppRx provides ongoing monitoring of application currency to ensure applications are kept up-to-date, supported and adaptive to on-going IT change. The platform automatically tracks new application version releases, end of support and changes in risk profile. As a result, it relieves IT departments from the time-consuming and costly effort of manually reviewing application currency. Furthermore, it enables them to be proactive in assessing the impact of change and determining the best course of action to mitigate risk.

- Assess risk. Out-of-date and unsupported applications can present significant risk for an organization. With AppRx, companies can determine their overall risk levels based on application ‘age', support status and upgradability. Risk can be assessed by department, line of business, user groups or even business critical applications.

- SaaS solution. As a SaaS solution, AppRx does not require any end-user hardware or software infrastructure or the associated maintenance or support costs. The platform is also extremely easy to use.

- Communicate risk exposure to senior management and application owners. AppRx offers a variety of informative reports, graphs and data that can be viewed in, and exported from, the platform.

AppRx dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk of on-going application currency management, allowing organizations to free up IT resources on more strategic activities. AppRx also provides automated testing of applications for migration to Windows 7, Server 2008, or App-V & XenApp virtualization platforms. Start managing your application currency today using AppRx.

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Published Tuesday, January 24, 2012 6:30 AM by David Marshall
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