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Flow Corporation Launches Groundbreaking Cloud-based Real-time Data Platform

Flow Corporation today announced the Flow Platform, a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that greatly simplifies the development of real-time applications, while enabling powerful stream-processing, data routing, and information interoperability between mobile, web and enterprise applications. The Flow Platform provides developers of all skill levels unprecedented capabilities to quickly and affordably create, aggregate, filter, process, route and share real-time data streams with minimal coding effort.

"This is the beginning of something big -- not just for Flow Corporation, but for a range of applications that have yet to be imagined," said Paul Burns, President of IT industry analyst firm Neovise. "The Flow Platform provides all the plumbing developers require to get the right streams of information to the right application and ultimately to the right people."

Simple, Fast, and Reliable Real-Time App Deployments

Providing a faster, more cost-efficient development path, the Flow Platform offers a first opportunity to build in days or weeks what might have been impossible without its powerful data processing capabilities. Leveraging the Flow Platform, next generation applications, particularly in the mobile space, can be architected with seamless access to real-time data from diverse sources, including mobile, web and enterprise applications. From real-time data exchanges between enterprise applications to alerts pushed to and from major social networks, connectedness is what distinguishes apps in a highly competitive marketplace.

"Real-time applications, stream-processing, information interoperability, and dynamic data routing are not new concepts in the enterprise, particularly in the financial sector," said Flow founder and CEO Eric Alterman. "However, making these solutions ubiquitously available across all industry sectors with fast, flexible, and reliable deployments for a fraction of the cost is game-changing. Equally important, our customers will have access to these powerful capabilities through an intuitive interface and well-documented APIs, without having to worry about building a scalable, feature rich real-time architecture from scratch."

Incorporating real-time interoperability and managing big data streams from multiple sources is quickly becoming mandatory for most enterprise, web and mobile applications. With the Flow Platform, real-time streams are quickly and easily created with any data structure and granular permission settings. Data from any stream can be seamlessly routed to other streams in real-time, with filters and transformations applied in transit. The Flow Platform's point-and-click interface and extensive APIs (REST, XMPP) are available on-demand at

Flow for Enterprise

For enterprise customers, the Flow Platform provides the ability to integrate enterprise data (e.g. sales leads, job candidates, product information, inventory updates) from any internal or external data source into an extensible, real-time workflow. The data is then pushed to the right people and applications in real-time. Combined with Flow's SaaS offerings, the Flow Platform becomes an immediately deployable information routing platform for an organization's essential information. The architecture is designed to support enterprise information sharing in any mode, whether facilitating real-time interoperability between stove-piped applications or enabling effective content curation and routing between employees and customers via a drag-and-drop dashboard interface.

Flow for Media Companies

For media companies, the Flow Platform and SaaS offerings address the stream processing and interoperability challenges related to content management. Flow provides media and news editors the ability to mix content streams in a real-time content management solution (CMS) from any number of internal and external sources, using both automatic and ad-hoc (drag-and-drop) content curation tools to dynamically populate mobile and web experiences. Traditional CMS solutions are built to deploy relatively static content and advertising experiences and are increasingly ineffective in a real-time world where the relevant lifetime of content is continually shortening. To this end, editors are realizing that content must be reused and remixed from many sources.

"It has become abundantly clear that applications must be both real-time and information-rich to remain relevant in the current app economy," said Alterman. "The last several years have been about applications connecting socially, but the future will be about applications connecting on a deeper data level. Apps will 'curate' real-time data streams from many sources to provide fresher and richer end-user experiences. Whether in the enterprise or consumer space, our goal is to expedite the real-time interoperability phase of the data revolution."

To learn more about the Flow Platform, please visit

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Today, Flow Corporation announced the launch of its Flow Platform, a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution. The latest news around the Flow Platform release can be found here. But in order to learn more and to get a first hand view into the

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