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Virtualization's Promise to Cut IT Infrastructure Costs by 50% or More

Contributed Article by Joseph Hand, Senior Director of Product Strategy at AppAssure Software

Nearly three quarters of the average IT budget for a physical server infrastructure goes to maintain an existing infrastructure. That leaves precious little for proactive spending. That's why virtualization under VMware virtualization is such an important move to make in order to increase the efficiency and availability of your applications. Essentially it swaps the traditional one server/one application model for one that shares several virtual machines on a physical host. By decoupling the physical server from the application, you can cut administrative time once needed to manage servers, allowing that saved time to be used to carry out proactive work.  And you can substantially improve the recoverability of your resulting VMware backup.

If you move forward to automate your datacenter with VMware, you can begin to operate far more efficiently, and you're in a position to react to corporate and organizational changes are quicker  than before. A virtual server infrastructure places applications and servers where they're needed, when they're needed. An estimated savings of at least 50% of the cost of IT is possible as you deliver higher levels of availability.

Virtualization allows you to run more than one operating system and several applications on a single host computer. You can cut IT spending with a much higher server ratio for the number of CPUs that will be required, and you'll build higher availability using stronger VMware backup and recovery solutions. Moreover, a well-implemented virtual infrastructure delivers faster deployments and fewer support issues triggered by application conflict.

Using virtual infrastructures to lower costs and server backup.

The idea behind a virtual server infrastructure is to share physical resources of multiple machines across your computing resource set. It's built on a combination of bare-metal hypervisor - the engine for virtualizing an x86 computer, as well as a set of centrally managed services to back them all up and automation functions that make it possible to optimize provisioning and recovery from disasters.

But it's more than server consolidation. It's also a way to automate your entire IT structure, and that includes backups. When you combine x86 servers with related network and disk storage and operate it under a central management tool, you can easily reduce capital outlay and operating costs and gain far greater computing flexibility. Expenses are cut through more effective use of low-cost commodity IT resources and operations. It's all made more efficient with the adoption of a virtual server infrastructure that scales seamlessly to accommodate a fast-changing application environment. One of the benefits of all this is simpler VMware backup.  

Greater efficiencies abound

The virtual infrastructure functions independently of the actual physical hardware and OS, but integrates them seamlessly, offering a broad platform choice and simplified administration. It stretches your hardware investment to increase utilization rates from current lows of 5% - 15% to far more efficient 60-80% utilization rates for x86 servers (up from 5-15% in non-virtualized machines) and reduces administration time substantially. This results in savings that can average about $3,000 per server, but at the same time it dramatically speeds administrators' abilities to provision new applications in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days.

When you move to virtualization, don't forget that a VMware backup can be as seamlessly integrated as the rest of your virtualization infrastructure solution.  You'll find several competing solutions to evaluate. Beyond ease of use, look carefully at how fully it integrates with your VMware environment.

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Joseph Hand is the Senior Director of Product Strategy at AppAssure Software, focusing on virtualization for AppAssure's VMware backup and Hyper-V backup and addressing how they can work together to leverage technology to solve today's problems facing the modern day enterprise.
Published Friday, March 16, 2012 10:18 AM by David Marshall
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