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IncrediBuild-XGE: Taking Acceleration to the Next Level

Xoreax, a leading provider of software acceleration technology, announces the launch of its new signature product: IncrediBuild-XGE.

"IncrediBuild-XGE as a stand-alone product is our response to customers' requests to make their applications run faster in addition to accelerating their builds," explained Eyal Maor, CEO of Xoreax.

IncrediBuild-XGE is a software-based distributed computing solution that accelerates time-intensive computational processes. IncrediBuild-XGE transforms a network of PCs and servers into a private computing cloud, allowing utilization of unused computing power and creating a heavy-duty compute farm best described as a "Virtual Supercomputer" without requiring additional resources.

Although newly available as a stand-alone product, IncrediBuild-XGE is already a proven technology. The underlying platform that powers the popular IncrediBuild build acceleration platform, XGE technology is used by more than 100,000 users in more than 2,000 organizations, including Google, Microsoft, eBay, Electronic Arts, CitiGroup, and NVIDIA.

How IncrediBuild-XGE works:

XGE technology transforms a network of regular office PCs and servers into a cloud in which every node – from user workstations to dedicated servers – contributes unutilized processing power to form a dynamic, accessible and fault-tolerant HPC environment, eliminating the need for expensive, dedicated computer farms and radically lowering ongoing maintenance costs. IncrediBuild-XGE allows applications to take advantage of unutilized CPU and GPU resources on the network and can also scale out to public clouds. IncrediBuild-XGE's distributed computing architecture accelerates computational processes running on MS Windows, allowing them to become "grid-enabled" with near-zero implementation costs and without changes to source code or architecture.

IncrediBuild-XGE performance enhancements:

Faster processing frees up time to focus on product development and enables the addition of complex features that were prohibitively time-consuming, creating a strategic competitive advantage.

Most grid engine solutions and HPC platforms require major adaptation and tight integration and create a lock-in for ISVs. IncrediBuild-XGE is the only solution that offers:

  • No changes to existing source code and architecture
  • No resource management
  • No virtualization image bank, prior setups or installations
  • No dedicated hardware requirements
  • Extremely rapid and cost-effective implementation

Early IncrediBuild-XGE users have experienced significantly reduced processing times for complex applications and gained game-changing strategic advantages from embedding XGE within their applications, including:

  • Sarin Technologies, a global leader in diamond grading and gemstone production systems, reduced processing time for complex diamond analyses from 40-60 hours to 1-2 hours. Sarin was able to add enhanced features to its Advisor™ software that were previously prohibitively time consuming and achieved a strategic impact that considerably changed its business model.
  • Manitoba HVDC (PSCAD), a world leader in electric power system simulation technology and applied power systems analysis, achieved a working proof-of-concept in fewer than 4 hours and 20x faster processing for its transient analysis simulations via XGE.
Published Friday, March 23, 2012 7:11 AM by David Marshall
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