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vOPS Server Explorer Adds New Utility for "Google-Like" Search to Existing VM Health Visualization

VKernel, the award-winning provider of enterprise-class capacity managementand performance monitoring products for virtualized data centers and cloud environments, announced today the addition of a new free utility to its vOPS Server Explorer product. This new utility provides a “Google-like” search into the virtual environment and complements the existing VM health visualization utility in vOPS Server Explorer.

As virtual environments grow to hundreds or thousands of virtual machines, finding individual VMs, or identifying which VMs share certain traits, becomes difficult and time-consuming. Virtualization administrators must eyeball data within VMware vCenter, or download data sets and manipulate these in a spreadsheet to gain the necessary insights into which VMs in an environment fit certain criteria. Manually, the VM search process can take minutes or even hours for each query that is sought. Because virtualized environments are dynamic and change frequently, this search process must then be repeated in real-time each time a virtualization administrator requires specific environment information.

vOPS Server Explorer now includes the capability to find specific VMs in an environment in seconds with technology based on VKernel’s SearchMyVM, a utility named by as one of the Top 10 Free vSphere Tool and Utility for 2011. Kendrick Coleman asked in his Top 10 Free tools list review of SearchMyVM, "Haven't you always wanted to let other people do their own searches so you aren't being bothered with generating reports all day?” Now, VM administrators that install vOPS Server Explorer will be able to run these searches to find VMs and other objects in their virtual environments.

Delivered as a virtual appliance, vOPS Server Explorer scans an environment to collect VM metrics data. This data is analyzed by vScope Explorer, the existing utility in vOPS Server Explorer, to visualize the performance, capacity and efficiency health of all VMs, datastores and hosts in the environment. The new search utility, SearchMyVM Explorer, indexes an environment‘s virtual machines, hosts, clusters, resource pools, files, snapshots, VMware tools, applications, and configuration information. VM administrators using vOPS Server Explorer can type in ad hoc search terms and save specialized queries that identify subsets of virtual objects such as:

  • Virtual Machine (VM) Snapshots
  • Number of specific vendor or hardware model deployed
  • Which VMs have up-to-date VM tools installed

“It’s a natural evolution for VKernel to combine the technology from our top 10 free virtualization utility with the VM health assessment utility in vOPS Server Explorer,” says Bryan Semple, Chief Marketing Officer, VKernel. “Adding this capability helps VM administrators better understand what is occurring in their virtualized environments and quickly get VM configuration information they need to keep their network running efficiently and without interruption.”

“Finding VMs with particular characteristics can be challenging and time-consuming, especially as environments continue to grow,” says Vladan Seget, ESX Virtualization. “The new utility in vOPS Server Explorer makes it easy to find VMs and hosts, and is a useful free tool for a VM administrator to help gain further visibility into the virtual objects in an environment.”

General Availability
vOPS Server Explorer with the expanded “Google-Like” search capability, SearchMyVM Explorer utility, is available for download from vOPS Server Explorer installs in minutes as a virtual appliance and is provided free of charge.

Published Thursday, March 29, 2012 6:31 PM by David Marshall
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