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Balancing the Seven Key Requirements for Today's Enterprise Storage

Check out this Tegile white paper which reviews the 7 essential features of enterprise storage.  It looks at hard disk-based architectures and alternatives such as all solid state disk arrays, hybrid arrays in general, and the unique capabilities of Tegile’s new generation hybrid array.  The summary states:

Organizations and individuals are creating data faster than at any time in human history, increasing the demand for storage media. As we generate more data, we seek to preserve and protect it with backup and replication, driving the demand for storage media even higher. The result is a significant challenge for IT departments, especially those who want to consolidate IT infrastructure with cloud-based applications, virtualization and file sharing.

Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Shared Databases and File Services not only demand high capacity storage, they also demand high performance storage that can handle high volume transitions and a larger number of concurrent users. Advances in data reliability, protection and efficiency, such as RAID, compression and de-duplication, also demand better performance.

As a result, IT managers need to rebalance the seven key requirements for storage in order to maintain an efficient IT infrastructure that supports critical business operations and applications. These requirements include: capacity, performance, compatibility, usability (fit for purpose), reliability, data protection and value for money.

To date, many of these requirements have been addressed independently. For instance, hard disk manufacturers have done a great job in adding capacity to disks. However, hard disk performance still lags due to the latency resulting from the mechanical disk movements required to access data. The high speed circuitry of Solid State Disks has successfully slashed latency to microseconds and boosted performance, but the cost per gigabyte is considerably higher than hard disk drives.

IT professionals have been hard pressed to investigate, combine and deploy multiple technologies from myriad vendors in an effort to balance their storage requirements.


Download the entire white paper to learn more: Balancing the Seven Key Requirements for Today’s Enterprise Storage

Published Friday, March 30, 2012 7:13 AM by David Marshall
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