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HotLink SuperVisor brings multihypervisor support to VMware vCenter

Ever since VMware first began changing its vSphere 5.0 pricing model to include a cost for virtual memory (dubbed the "vRAM tax" by competitors and angry users alike), many organizations have questioned whether they should rely on VMware vSphere as their sole virtualization platform and began to take a second look at server virtualization offerings from Citrix, Microsoft, and Red Hat.

While these investigations were primary driven by upper management as a cost-savings measure, decision makers may also fear vendor lock-in as more and more physical servers (including mission-critcal servers) were being migrated to virtual servers on the VMware hypervisor platform. While a heterogeneous virtual data center may look good on paper, the management complexity that comes with using multiple virtualization platforms in the same environment can be a nightmare.

There are lots of third-party software companies trying to solve the heterogeneous virtualization management nightmare, but VMware vCenter is still the gold standard for most users. If there's one thing I've learned after years of speaking with VMware administrators, it's that you will have to pry VMware vCenter from their cold, dead hands. It may not be perfect, and it doesn't solve all problems, but vCenter has become a management tool they simply cannot live without.

But VMware isn't interested in managing competitors' hypervisors within vCenter. Doing so would validate these other platforms, and I don't see that happening anytime soon. Where does that leave administrators who want to minimize the number of management tools they have to use to manage a hetergeneous environment?

VMware may not be ready to manage other hypervisor platforms from within their own management application, but that tiny issue is being overlooked by a company called HotLink, which came out of stealth mode last year after launching SuperVisor for VMware during VMworld 2011.


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Published Tuesday, April 17, 2012 7:06 AM by David Marshall
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