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PHD Virtual Announces 7th Record Quarter of Growth Driven by New Customer Acquisition

PHD Virtual Technologies, pioneer and innovator in virtual machine backup and recovery, and provider of virtualization monitoring solutions, achieved exceptional bookings in the first quarter of 2012 and recorded it's seventh consecutive quarter with year over year growth of 50% or higher. Quarterly results were highlighted by strong growth in revenues from both existing and new customers. Compared to the first quarter of 2011, quarterly revenues grew 50% on a year over year basis. New customer acquisition also grew 50%, allowing the company to acquire on average four net new customers per business day. PHD Virtual continues to see strong growth both domestically and worldwide.

During the quarter the company saw great success with the introduction of the new PHD Virtual Essentials Bundle, and PHD Virtual Management Suite Bundle. These new bundle offerings combine the company's flagship data protection solution, with their comprehensive monitoring solution. "We've had a very high adoption rate with the new PHD Virtual Bundles since their release" said VP of Sales and Marketing, Paul Throldahl. "IT Professionals are recognizing more and more the value of monitoring their entire IT infrastructure. Bundling PHD Virtual Backup with PHD Virtual Monitor gives us the ability to offer a complete virtual systems management suite, at a price that is more cost effective than the alternatives."

Another key area PHD Virtual is focused on is Disaster Recovery. "The ability to recover your data quickly, and efficiently, in the event of a disaster, is critical," said Paul Throldahl, VP Sales and Marketing. "Major downtime can cost organizations millions of dollars, so in the event a disaster does occur, the solution that you implement to address that can mean the difference between minor losses, and major losses that can severely and negatively impact the business." The PHD Virtual Data Protection software gives customers the ability to replicate their data to a secondary site cost effectively in one solution. Tom Power with Sound Solutions, a recent PHD Virtual customer, agrees:

"I chose PHD Virtual over Veeam because they have a more efficient way of performing replication, which leads to greater compression ratios. That's important to me, because many of my clients are remote, and only have access to T1 lines. In testing PHD Virtual vs. Veeam, I simulated several scenarios where WAN bandwidth was congested, or even not available, and PHD Virtual outperformed Veeam substantially. In one case I was trying to transfer 600GB of data over the WAN. Veeam was only able to compress that to 580GB, whereas PHD Virtual compressed that to 325GB. That, plus that fact that PHD Virtual was simply easier to use and install, made the choice clear," said Tom Powers with Sound Solutions.

"We are very happy that we were able to add over 1,200 customers this year" said Thomas Charlton, CEO of PHD Virtual. Given the competitiveness of the market place this growth in new customers means that users are making a conscious decision to select PHD Virtual over other competitive products." He continued, "I believe we have a product that is far easier to use than any other technology, with deep functionality, and at a reasonable cost. This resonates with the buyers in this fast growing virtualization market."

Published Friday, April 20, 2012 6:42 AM by David Marshall
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