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VMware CTO gives glimpse of vSphere future in VMUG videos

If you thought that VMworld was the only place to learn about virtualization and what VMware is doing in this space, you thought wrong. VMworld is definitely the place to be to learn about "anything and everything" VMware in one fell swoop, but local and regional VMware user group meetings (VMUGs) can provide some really interesting tid bits of information as well.

Case in point, at a recent VMUG meeting in Italy, guest speaker Steve Herrod, VMware's chief technology officer, came prepared to educate, entertain, and inform the company's base. Kicking off his VMUG presentation, Herrod told the audience (tongue in cheek) that he'd be sharing some things with them that weren't yet public, so they should keep it quiet. I say "tongue in cheek," because as a VMUG member myself, I know full well that saying anything to a room full of VMUG members is a surefire way of spreading virtualization information on the Internet faster than you can finish a sentence. Herrod knows that all too well.

One of the mantras during the meeting was to automate everything. Over the last two years, I've heard customers express a big need for more automation and integration among VMware's various product lines. Customers should be happy to learn that VMware understands that pain and is working on this problem, according to what was said at this particular VMUG meeting.

In an hour-long, seven-part video series filmed during the Italy VMUG meeting, Herrod gave audience members a lot of information to digest. It should come as no surprise that this video series popped up on the radar of Dave Northey, one of Microsoft's TechNet bloggers and a staff member at Microsoft Ireland.

Northey has done his part in continuing the FUD campaign going back and forth between Microsoft and VMware, perhaps the most recent (and entertaining) being the "hidden bummers of going too far beyond virtualization" series Microsoft has been putting out and made famous by the retro cloud salesman named Tad.


Read the entire InfoWorld Virtualization Report article here.

Published Monday, May 14, 2012 2:37 PM by David Marshall
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