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Do You Know A Cloud Skeptic? Everybody does...
The cloud has changed the way technology is viewed – there is no denying it. No matter what the service is, many IT organizations are looking to move to the cloud, but, along the way, run into “cloud skeptics” within their organizations who don’t trust the cloud and are not open to investigating the idea. In my role at Quest Software, I often encounter cloud skeptics who have concerns about moving their on-premises messaging and collaboration environments to Microsoft’s new Office 365 service.

There are many reasons someone might give as to why they are skeptical about moving IT services to the cloud, including lack of control; business continuity and recovery; security and compliance; data migration; and data protection. These are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed as you evaluate cloud vendors, but, I believe there is more to a cloud skeptic...

The cloud can bring a multitude of benefits – no installation, anywhere access, no hardware costs, resource sharing, scalability, etc. Often, bombarding the cloud skeptic with all the benefits is the first place we start when trying to change their mind, but I wouldn’t recommend this tactic.

When attempting to convince a cloud skeptic that the cloud is a viable option for IT services, you must start at the core of the issue and build your case from there. Here are four key steps to dispel the skeptic's fears, and enable your organization to begin taking advantage of the cloud’s many benefits without all the pushback and fighting from the cloud skeptic.      

Step 1: Establish Respect for Why the Cloud Exists

At the core of the skeptic’s argument lays the lack of knowledge about why this thing called “the cloud” exists in the first place. Those lobbying against the cloud ask, “Why change operating models when the one in use seems to be working?” A quick answer to this statement is, “Perhaps it‘s not working well enough,” or “How current is your environment, are you taking advantage of the latest technology to make your company the most efficient?”  Winning the skeptic debate doesn’t start by arguing over products, services, features, or security. The first requirement is to establish respect in the big picture view. 


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Published Tuesday, May 15, 2012 3:41 PM by David Marshall
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