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5nine Software Announces Release Candidate of Security Manager for Windows Server Hyper-V

Today, at Microsoft TechEd North America 2012, 5nine Software announced Release Candidate of 5nine Security Manager for Hyper-V - agentless Anti-Virus (AV), Anti-Malware and Virtual Firewall for Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Release Candidates.

The significance of security and compliance solutions for the cloud increases due to the rapidly growing amount of various vulnerabilities, malware, hacker techniques, and specific requirements for virtual infrastructures.

5nine Security Manager for Hyper-V is a complete agentless security solution for the Microsoft virtualization platform that is utilizing the extensibility of the new Windows Server Hyper-V virtual switch.

It controls network traffic between virtual machines, detects and blocks malicious attacks, performs fast anti-virus scans and thus improves the security of a virtualized environment.

5nine Security Manager combines multiple protection modules, including anti-malware, IDS, web application protection, log inspection and programmatic virtual firewall, in a single and centrally managed software solution.

This solution became possible with the new Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 WFP (Windows Filtering Platform) interfaces, the new architecture of the Windows Server Hyper-V Virtual Switch, as well as new powerful APIs from Microsoft. New 5nine Security Manager now consists of the User Mode service, which effectively implements and installs the WFP provider on the host machine, and the Kernel Mode driver, which implements Hyper-V virtual switch WPF-callout filtering.

Deployment, network policies management and support of multiple guest Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, BSD and others) now is also significantly simplified. From an ROI standpoint this puts the 5nine Hyper-V Security Solution much ahead of the current competition.

5nine Security Manager is designed for anti-virus and virtual network protection of both Windows Server Hyper-V SMB and large private cloud deployments.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Isolating and safeguarding VMs/VPSs from a security perspective; detecting infected virtual machines and hosts without excessive performance overhead, which can cause 'antivirus storms' and other types of workload bottlenecks;
  • Fast and effective anti-malware scans of both virtual machines and hosts using unique technologies.
  • Secure network virtualization and multi-tenant firewalling;

"Unlike traditional firewalls, the new 5nine Security Manager with Anti-Virus and Virtual Firewall for Windows Server Hyper-V allows customers to programmatically manage network security on both 'per-VM' and 'per-Host' basis," said Konstantin Malkov, CTO of 5nine Software. "We are pleased to report that 5nine Security Manager with Anti-Virus is the first agentless Anti-Malware and Virtual Firewall solution for the Windows Server Hyper-V. New 5nine Agentless Anti-Malware is fast, effective, and allows users to avoid anti-virus storms. This definitely decreases management costs and improves the security of Windows Server Hyper-V environments."

Utilizing the new architecture - 5nine Security Manager uses Sophos Anti-Virus Enterprise engine, which now does not require In - Guest scanning.

"Scalability and thus ROI of virtualization projects have been restricted by the intensity of security applications. Traditional anti-virus solutions were designed for a one to one relationship with the hardware, so customers had to run an instance of the security agent in each guest. All of these instances quickly add up to significant performance issues, with painful cost implications. In the new 5nine Security Manager, Sophos Anti-Virus can perform expensive security tasks centrally on the host, significantly enhancing performance while maintaining protection," said James Lyne, Director of Technology Strategy, Sophos.

5nine Security Manager 3.0 continues to support 5nine Virtual Firewall PowerShell APIs and has Management application GUI similar to the popular 5nine Virtual Firewall and Anti-Virus version 2.2.

"More and more companies, including those in the highly regulated financial, insurance and healthcare industries, are looking to Windows Server Hyper-V virtualization to reduce costs, optimize IT resources, and create a foundation for cloud computing," said Ian Carlson, director of Windows Server and Management product management at Microsoft. "5nine Security Manager with Anti-Malware and Virtual Firewall is designed to help our mutual customers address the important security and compliance considerations that are part of every virtualization deployment. "

Pricing and Availability

5nine Security Manager 3.0 will be commercially available simultaneously with the release of Windows Server 2012, including Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, and will be licensed on per-VM basis.

Published Monday, June 11, 2012 6:04 PM by David Marshall
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