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The Benefits of Virtualization
Contributed Article by David Borg, Dell.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of companies using virtualization as a part of their IT infrastructure over the past few years. With so many benefits it's no wonder that virtualization is taking off.

So what is virtualization?

When companies talk about virtualization mostly they are talking about server virtualization. Server virtualization consists of removing the operating system from a traditional workstation and relocating a "virtual desktop image," or copy of it on a host server. Dell is one company that offers desktop virtualization solutions that are flexible and innovation. Once a virtual desktop image has been created, it is easy to update other virtual workstations in minutes and send out patches, applications, data, display settings and Windows 7 migration. The great thing about server virtualization is that each virtual machine can act independently as a separate physical resource with other devices, data and applications.

Benefits of Virtualization

The main benefits of virtualization are that it allows an IT manager to manage systems with more flexibility and control, at a lower cost, with added security. Disaster recovery plans are a built in part of virtualization because virtualized images can recover all of a systems' servers. Virtualization also allows a manager to set up multiple systems, easily, at a faster rate that also reduces costs.  

Flexibility and Control

Virtualization is an extremely flexible option because it allows IT managers to expand, shrink or move the virtual computer without modifying the hardware. With virtualization data can be moved without affecting access to the data. Data is no longer bound to a physical hard drive like a desktop which gives companies more flexibility to grow their data field or change in their file storage environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Virtualization reduces the number of servers a company uses which decreases the energy it takes to operate and cool the servers. Without virtualization many data centers run at only a fraction of their capacity and thus are very inefficient at converting electricity into IT work. Virtualization reduces energy use by helping systems run at peak performance and optimize energy use. The reduced about of servers decreases energy while maintaining the same processing power. IT managers are also allowed to turn off computers from a centralized location in order to not waste electricity and money. All of this means a significant improvement in IT efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Cost Benefit

Organizations can dramatically increase the efficiency of their existing data center through virtualization and potentially avoid the massive cost of building a new one. With virtualization, instead of buying new computers every 3-5 years, older computers can run new applications though the virtualized server. Sometimes companies only run one application on a server because they don't want to risk the application failing and crashing the other computers. With virtualization, computers becoming a multi-tasking one and multiple servers into a computing pool that can adapt to large workloads. Another added cost benefit is a reduction in time it takes to send out patches and updates. Virtualized machines can be turned off from a centralized location which also reduces utility costs.

Virtualization is a long lasting solution to reduce the hassles IT managers face with managing, securing and upgrading computers. Through a virtualized system it's easier to keep desktops updated and secure and the cost benefits and environmental benefits companies reap from upgrading to a virtualized system are an added bonus.





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